Let clever woman following flooding_1

First contacts. After meeting the men and women, if sexual intent, there will always be in contact. Women like men gently touched the womans hand when the hand touched some hint, so that womens heart waves up, get a man holding, kissing feeling, this is a mans effort. If you touch the womans hand, shaking with fear, or just nervous to do little tricks, women do not like it, but some will hate.
My favorite way is to hold a womans hand, then with the index finger gently paddled in a womans palm, or from time to time grip a bit, of course, can not let my pain, so I felt this woman to me, she wanted me to hold her, maybe there is a foreign power, let me homeopathic fell in his arms, caressing enjoy. Especially the kind of soft hands, a large man, let the woman libido blooming.
The second step, after seeing a woman not resist shaking hands and hinted that men should insatiable further touch arms, shoulders and other places, and if a woman can not stand, there will be a slight groan, when the man force should be large some put a woman into his arms, action to be fast, to be fierce, most women like men so strongly to her, and then tightly holding, the body stick together, inseparable, which is required for most women feel. While fondling, while soft-spoken is indispensable, can ask some of the more exciting words, such as “not wet wet?”, “Expansion it?” The woman will be expansion blush, replied softly you.
man is moaning from time to time some of the eager mature woman, women know that men put emotion, the following have been planned. Then you can held her tightly, then intentionally or unintentionally touched her breasts and handle pussy, let her feel your goals.
The third step is to kiss, to go to the third step, rather than like a TV, a kiss on hold, strong women do not like sex too early. To kiss hot, softer, longer, deeper, to live, so that women in the kiss just below the water, this is a mans effort.
tongue should generally continue to touch a woman in her tongue in his mouth, when the slow-fast when sometimes use lip kiss for a while, sometimes turning his head, let the kiss change the angle, then most women will stand up, be a man holding a soft woman to sit down, the best in bed, no conditions or any place on the couch. Kiss should continue until kiss a womans hand began to stretch the lower man, the body is red hot, tightStick men, indicating that women have sexual desire is very strong. When
men can take advantage of a woman did not resist the force, began to take off a womans clothes, action should be gentle, do not stop, not to evaluate a womans dress, on the back to say good, otherwise women are affected emotionally a. Look off almost, a man can make a woman surrounded by their own hand, began to take off underwear, briefs only, so that the protruding penis to a woman to feel, when a woman is affectionate.
you can gently took the womans hand, her caress your penis, telling her that it is highly desirable womans hand, otherwise it will not be comfortable, mature woman will likely be emotionally touched the penis, across the briefs to kiss the penis, a man this time to let go, to let a woman moaning in the side of the penis kiss pants, despite its head wet. (So ??most exciting thing is that the former love song, to be ready at the bedside good two clean underwear, so that women see these, she will be emotionally fast).
The fourth step, which is a womens sprint step (remember not only when ejaculation sprint) then men should not take your pants off, swelling the term penis, while women go through your mouth wet mouth while at the same time begin to touch the nipple with both hands. This feeling is not every woman has. Only those who understand the nature of female talent is very aware of the role of the nipple. First handfuls groping breasts, then put all the focus all our attention to the nipple up, then sexy woman nipple earlier stand on end, a man should go with a wet mouth, one hand touching a , alternately, to gently pull, rub, put, with, spit …… let the womans nipple empty, then a womans water was more a general case of a three de-pants are wet, you just when I do not know, or even let her sit on your lap, wet feel this degree. I have a great need for men to play teat long, long time, and that time will groan aloud, if there are no conditions, to open a music, then kiss her when the woman comfortable.
At this time a woman will not stand open, to pull the penis in the briefs, men just do not know when, so that women go play with that bloated baby, sometimes a woman will go down with the penis (ie, oral sex ), better not leave hand man nipple, nipple straight to see red, but also boast good color, sexy, this womans milk will be more inflation fuller.
The fifth step, the men began to woman genitals, ifWomen love oral sex, let the womans hand touched the penis is still bloated, you know sexual intercourse, the womans hands and mouth are not empty, otherwise she will not be comfortable. To a certain time, a man can begin to enter. In addition to the general movement of sexual intercourse, the woman favorite is the man who sat, sit face to face and back to the woman sitting is possible, as exciting, of course, a particularly strong desire for teat woman, her back to the man sitting , mans hand while pulling the milk may tip, make a woman climax, the woman will be stoned, then the man not to control a woman, as long as the term penis comfortable, relaxed sexual intercourse.
back into the also very good; holding the woman, the penis is inserted in the inside better; standing inserted through the penis (height to be consistent); sometimes women like to look at moving the penis in the vagina, man should look for a good angle, so that women see sex action in the mirror, then the best there is sexual intercourse top film clips, but also a long time, men and women moaning sound bigger, so the water will be many, many women, so that men popular use. Once a woman has few orgasm, men should begin preparing shot. The final step ejaculation. This is the most desirable woman when the woman is happy “dead” time.
General told the man points ejaculation and do not tell the two kinds. The former is for sexual intercourse unfamiliar objects, so that women prepare, but if it is old lover, needless to say, as long as body language, such as accelerating the drawing speed and so on, but in the final shot, when to groan loudly , preferably cried a womans nickname, so that women feel that he is about to release, when the woman was very satisfied, because she let the man in her body shot, and then the “useless” was in fact a woman happy man. ” awesome “there is a way, is a womans mouth ejaculation mouth, and her co-climax;! there is the way to ejaculation is the most open, the most exciting one, moaning loudly, hand touched the womans nipple, then let the body like ejaculation as jitter, do not restrain himself, enjoy the release of energy, such as ejaculation will be very far away, so it is the thrill of a woman, because by stimulating the nipple, a womans uterus more sensitive, and she knew when the man ejaculation.
At this time, if a woman can speak, he called the mans nickname, or call commonly known as the penis and the clitoris, a little louder, so that men shot involuntarily fine to hear; if a woman has been no effort to speak , to moan, to have rhythm, so that the man pushed the woman into theclimax. After sexual intercourse, women generally want men to hold her to sleep, she would clitoris against the mans legs, nipple red, hope to continue stroking men and women the next day must be very beautiful, men are filled with energy.
landlord, in accordance with a certain time in the future because of who the landlord of a step by step to put her out of hand and foot
landlord article describes in great detail, in fact, the final analysis is required to understand that sex is a harmony, not only to cool men, women also need. Must not be too anxious, to have foreplay job
wrote a very exciting, so that half of it will certainly flood, sex is 2 things, like a comfortable harmony,
throughout the guide, benefit, Thank landlord. It seems the two sides reached common sex is the most important
Wow, write good, far better than the text color is also cool to see, and quickly went back to test read more

New Zealand Votes to Keep Its Flag – Time

New Zealanders voted to keep the country’s existing flag on Thursday.

More than 2 million voters, nearly half the country’s population, cast their decision in the second referendum, according to the Guardian. The original flag, which features the U.K.’s Union Jack, received 56% of the vote to the new design’s 43%.

The vote concluded a 10-month process that is reported to have cost $26 million dollars and inspired more than 10,000 design submissions, including one of a laser-eyed kiwi. In the end, Kyle Lockwood’s proposal featuring a silver fern, was picked to go head-to-head with the classic.


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India- Japanx27;s Softbank to Invest $20 Billion in Solar-Energy Projects – Time

The Japanese telecoms giant Softbank has announced plans to invest around $20 billion in solar-energy-power projects in India, joining forces with the country’s Bharti Enterprises and Taiwan’s Foxconn as the Indian government targets a massive expansion in the country’s solar output from some 3 gigawatts today to 100 gigawatts by 2022.

Announcing Softbank’s plans, the company’s chief executive Masayoshi Son said, India can become probably the largest country for solar energy, Reuters reports.

India has two times the sunshine of Japan. The cost of construction of the solar park is half of Japan. Twice the sunshine, half the cost, that means four times the efficiency, Son said. The Softbank venture is aiming at generating least 20 gigawatts of energy — a goal which, if realized, will be a significant boost to Modi’s plans to develop India’s renewable energy infrastructure.

India is one of the world’s largest carbon polluters; coal dominates the country’s energy mix, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Since coming to power last year, Modi, who was behind the country’s first solar incentives during his time as the chief minister of the western Indian stage of Gujarat, has driven green energy up the national energy agenda with ambitious targets for solar and for wind power. Speaking to TIME earlier this year, he reiterated this desire, saying: There is going to be a heavy focus on using energy that is environment friendly.

India’s big push toward clean energy generation comes ahead of the Paris climate summit that is scheduled later this year, during which leaders from around the world converge under one roof for climate-change negotiations aimed at thrashing out a successor to the Kyoto protocol to keep global temperatures in check.

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Spain Is Facing a Second Wave of Coronavirus Outbreaks. Heres What to Know

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Power Rankings- Taking stock of MLS at the Gold Cup break

Only MLS league games will be reflected in the rankings. Rankings are voted on by MLSsoccer.com editorial staff; words by Alicia Rodriguez.




HIGH: 1 LOW: 4

With the entire league at the MLS break for the Concacaf Gold Cup (yes, U.S. Open Cup is here for the American teams), time to take stockfrom a wider perspective. No surprise, LAFC come out on top through the first half. From here, if they dont win the Supporters Shield at this point, it will be some kind of upset.

Previous: Idle Next: at COL on 6/29



HIGH: 2 LOW: 20

The other conference leader, Philadelphias rally at home to beat the Red Bulls wasnt just a terrific game but showed more of that ability to dig deep and turn a game around. Jim Curtins group is likely to face fierce opposition in the second half, but if they can continue to play this well, they could have a first-round bye in October.

Previous: 3-2 win vs. RBNY Next: at NEon 6/26



HIGH: 3 LOW: 18

NYCFC not only continue their uncanny run of losing just once (the only team alongside LAFC to boast that) but they also seem to be rounding into form of late. Dome Torrents team definitely needs more wins, but their best players are increasingly playing well together, and theyll be in the mix in the second half.

Previous: 5-2 win vs. CIN Next: vs. PHI on 6/29



HIGH: 1 LOW: 21

The Red Bulls five-game unbeaten run is snapped after being torched by Ilsinho. As ever, this is a club banking on system over talent (although there is talent on the squad, to be sure). Will it be enough? Will Bradley Wright-Phillips get on track in the second half? Will they bring in summer reinforcements? Big questions right now.

Previous: 3-2 loss at PHI Next: vs. CHIon 6/28



HIGH: 1 LOW: 19

At the time, Atlanta seemed to be in a Toronto-esque slump they may never pull out of, starting the league slate 1-2-2. Since then, theyve lost just two, and keep climbing up the table. They seem set up to contend for the Eastern Conference in the second half, and from there, perhaps they can round out to defend their title.

Previous: Idle Next: at TOR on 6/26



HIGH: 2 LOW: 13

The Dynamos last five games showed their form is sputtering, something to keep an eye on. But if their best players can get back into form, their talent, gameplan and cohesion is such that they cant be counted out. They also have several games in hand on most of the rest of the league, so those will play a role in their standing.

Previous: Idle Next: at PORon 6/22



HIGH: 1 LOW: 7

The Sounders have lost three in a row, and have won just two of their last 10. Some readers will wonder why they remain so high.The short answer is the voting panel expect players will recover from injury and Brian Schmetzers side will bounce back to get back to their best. It is their trademark at this point, after all.

Previous: 2-1 loss at MTL Next: vs. VANon 6/29



HIGH: 6 LOW: 24

Another team high in the rankings, the Timbers are in fact at the bottom of the West but as noted above, they have several games in hand on most of the competition and they have 16 more home games. With the talent they have, and what looks like a bonafide star in Brian Fernandez, they look likely to climb high in the table.

Previous: Idle Next: vs. HOU on 6/22



HIGH: 3 LOW: 9

There were big expectations for D.C. coming into the season, and theyre comfortably in the Audi 2019 MLS Cup Playoffs places. But they are winless in five and since being blown away at home by LAFC, theyve looked like a shell of themselves. They may need a group retreat and a way to clear their heads before theyre back at it.

Previous: Idle Next: vs. ORLon 6/26



HIGH: 10 LOW: 24

In contrast, the Quakes got smashed at home by LAFC and…the rally began right after that? It did, and theyve looked like a totally different team since the first month of the season. Theyll probably have to fight for a playoff spot but seeing them qualify wouldnt be a surprise at all, and they are more fun to watch than theyve been in years.

Previous: 2-2 draw vs. DAL Next: vs. HOUon 6/26



HIGH: 2 LOW: 13

The Galaxy are in a different spot: Theyre in second place in the West but they seldom look good. Part of this may be Guillermo Barros Schelotto going for wins first and foremost — it worked in Argentina, after all — but theres a feeling that this team should be doing much more, in spite of their favorable place in the standings.

Previous: Idle Next: at CINon 6/22



HIGH: 5 LOW: 15

All things considered, Dallas are probably right where they should be. The Luchi Gonzalez era is off to a good start and his willingness to play youngsters even more than his predecessor is impressive, with said youngsters performing. Could they get hot and make a run? Maybe, maybe not.

Previous: 2-2 draw at SJ Next: vs. TORon 6/22



HIGH: 8 LOW: 15

The Loons got off to a good start on the road, with three wins in five, andits been rather downhill since. Theyve lost three in a row, but the slump seems to have been on for a solid two months. The real concern is if theyll actually make the playoffs. Based on how theyre playing, its not assured.

Previous: 1-0 loss at COL Next: vs. CIN on 6/29



HIGH: 14 LOW: 23

Vancouver have also been belatedly roused from a slumber, and they currently sit just a point below the playoff line. Theres a feeling they could use another two or three players to really contend, so the summer transfer window will be very interesting on that front, but Marc Dos Santos has put them on solid footing.

Previous: Idle Next:vs. COL on 6/22



HIGH: 14 LOW: 21

The Lions are a team with definite positives (Nanis play, fullbacks) and negatives (injuries, central defense). They feel like a team on the precipice, capable of pushing on and solidifying their playoff case or falling away and relegating this season to another disappointment. Time will tell which version will emerge.

Previous: Idle Next: at DCon 6/26



HIGH: 13 LOW: 20

Like the other teams in this strata, RSL are capable of good andbad, usually one or the other in a particular game. So far, theyve been a streaky team, and that seems to be their M.O. One aside: Nick Rimando will likely make his 500th MLS appearance in the second half, the first player in league history to hit that milestone.

Previous: Idle Next: at CHIon 6/22



HIGH: 8 LOW: 20

The Impact are in second place, but their performances week to week dont feel like it. For the handicappers out there, Montreal are the hardest team to predict, and while theyve weathered Ignacio Piattis absence relatively well, they are in need of summer reinforcements. Will they come?

Previous: 2-1 win vs. SEA Next: vs. PORon 6/26



HIGH: 4 LOW: 19

TFC have climbed above the playoff line at the break, but injuries and age really seem to have taken a toll. Ali Curtis has been working to bolster the roster, and Alejandro Pozuelo has been strong (can he last for the full season?), Liam Fraser is emerging in a major way, and Omar Gonzalez is coming in. Will it be enough?

Previous: 2-2 draw vs. SKC Next:at DALon 6/22



HIGH: 16 LOW: 24

The Rapids have seemingly crammed four seasons in half a campaign, and its been a rollercoaster ride. From 11 games winless to start the season, the departure of Anthony Hudson, a feeling of a team being totally adrift in May, to ripping off a 4-0-1 record in their last five games. Can they continue the good times to balance outthe year?

Previous: 1-0 win vs. MIN Next: at VAN on 6/22



HIGH: 18 LOW: 23

New Englands transformation hasnt been as stark as Colorados, but theyve done it too. Unbeaten in their last four games, theyre betting big money on Bruce Arena. Considering both sides have big stakes in his appointment, it looks like a mutually beneficial move, and well see if it leads to a return to the playoffs this year.

Previous: Idle Next: vs. PHI on 6/26 read more

Skylanders Trap Team Heads to iPad Android Tablets – Time

Toys — speaking as a child informed by the 1980s’ halcyon infusion of Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe and Transformers — are things you want to play with using your hands, not virtual appendages. You want to feel their heft, to pick them up and set them down, to put fingers to their plastic contours and movable joints and smooth or spiny textures before positioning them along imaginary compounds and battlements.

Activision’s Skylanders series celebrates the physicality of toys by folding that experience into a virtual one and back again. But until now, you’ve always had the virtual part of the experience with a television screen, probably up off the floor and away from the toys themselves. The toys were the physical experience you had to carry to the virtual one.

Activision’s finally remedying that by inverting the formula and bringing the virtual experience to the physical one: Skylanders Trap Team, the newest installment in the series that lets players “trap” characters from the game in physical objects, will be the first to support tablets, and it’ll launch simultaneously with the console versions when they ship on October 5.

It’s not a scaled-down version, either, but the full Trap Team experience you’ll have with any of the console versions, soup to nuts. What’s more, and this is where the notion of a table version starts to get interesting, Activision’s engineered its own Bluetooth gamepad. Imagine an Xbox 360 controller with all the trimmings, including dual analog thumbsticks, d-pad, face buttons and triggers, only one that’s slightly smaller (designed for the game’s younger target demographic).

It’s available as part of something the team calls the Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack, which includes a Bluetooth version of the Traptanium Portal (the plastic stand you set the Skylanders action figures on, as well as the traps) and the gamepad itself, which rests under the platform in a formfitting cubby hole.

The starter pack includes the controller, the built-in tablet stand (it’s part of the platform, so “included” may be overselling this point) and a display tray that lets you track the traps and villains you’ve collected. Activision told me all 175 existing Skylanders toys are compatible with the platform, and that’s in addition to Trap Team‘s over 50 new playable Skylanders heroes and 40 new villains.

The tablet docks directly to the portal, tilting backward slightly, nestling in a crook-like stand (built into the portal) designed to grab and hold it without mechanical latches. That’s so you can pull the tablet out or drop it back in with ease. Watching Activision demo the new interface, it looks like coming home, like a game that’s finally found the interface it was designed for.

How much? You’ll need a tablet, of course, but assuming you have one that’s compatible — Activision supports the 3rd gen iPad forward, the Kindle Fire HDX, the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note — you can lay hands on the starter pack for $74.99, same as console.

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Syria Missile Attack- Hillary Clinton Called for Strikes – Time

Just a few hours before President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. had launched 59 cruise missiles on an airfield in Syria, his former campaign rival Hillary Clinton suggested doing just that.

In an interview with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof at the Women in the World conference in Manhattan, Clinton responded to a deadly chemical attack in Syria earlier this week that intelligence agencies have blamed on the country’s President Bashar Assad.

Assad has an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of these civilian deaths, Clinton said. And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.

In the first direct American assault against the Assad regime, Trump ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles Thursday targeting the Shayrat airfield in Homs, western Syria. The decision was made in response to the chemical attack that killed at least 80 people, many of whom were children.

Read More: What to Know About the U.S. Missile Attack on Syria

The chemical attack, for which Assad’s government has denied responsibility, was the worst such strike in years and elicited outrage from the international community. Experts and U.S. officials believe the chemical used was sarin.

Clinton, who served as Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama, has long spoken in support of increased intervention against the Assad regime. Trump has often demonstrated a less coherent strategy, first opposing intervention, and later criticizing Obama for failing to enforce what he called the “red line” crossed by the use of chemical agents.

Just hours before the chemical attack on Tuesday, Trump’s Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, told reporters that the U.S. did not support regime change in Syria, a position that has shifted in the wake of this week’s fatal events.

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New Abortion Guidance for Women in the U.K. Amid COVID-19 – Time

The U.K. government has changed its regulations on abortion to allow for women to take abortion pills at home without having to travel to a clinic, after an initial change to the regulations was announced in error last week. The new guidance means that women can access abortion care while also following the U.K. government advice relating to the coronavirus outbreak, which advises residents to only leave their homes for very limited purposes.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson confirmed to TIME Monday that current guidance will be updated so women who need an abortion up to ten weeks and can’t access a clinic can use abortion pills at home. The change will be on a temporary basis only, limited for two years, or until the coronavirus crisis is over, in line with the same timetable as the emergency legislation introduced by the U.K. government last week.

“Public safety and continued access to key services is our priority during this difficult period,” the spokesperson said. This measure will be on a temporary basis and must follow a telephone or e-consultation with a doctor.

The move comes after an earlier announcement that the current laws would be amended was first made last week, when new guidance was published on the government’s website for four hours. The post was later deleted, with an accompanying explanation stating: This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.

Under the existing legislation, women in England must take the first of the two pills required for a medical abortion in an abortion clinic, but may take the second pill at home, which should be taken 48-72 hours later. In Scotland and Wales, women can collect both pills to take home.

Keep up to date on the growing threat to global health by signing up for our daily coronavirus newsletter.

In 2018, there were more than 200,000 abortions in England and Wales, and medical abortions accounted for 71% of total abortions. Several organisations, including the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), The Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock last week urging him to change the current law.

BPAS, which has campaigned for the new guidelines to allow women access to safe and effective abortion treatment while at home, welcomed the new measures. The charity had to close a quarter of its abortion clinics last week due to staff sickness and isolation.

“This service will not only support the thousands of women that would usually attend one of our clinics, it will also protect our staff and the many other people these women could come into contact with,” BPAS tweeted Monday. The charity has also said it hopes to be able to offer women a service where the pills are delivered straight to them.

In other parts of the U.K., abortion rights campaigners are advocating for the same measures. In Northern Ireland, where abortion became lawful relatively recently in October 2019, groups are petitioning the devolved government there to allow remote abortion provision and enable telemedical services and home use of both sets of pills as in the rest of the U.K.

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Ann Furedi, CEO of BPAS, warned in a statement that women in Northern Ireland “are being forced to travel hundreds of miles via ferry and public transport to clinics in England at a time when they are also being told to stay at home to save lives.”

Please send tips, leads, and stories from the frontlines to virus@time.com.

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2020 Copa America draw revealed- Heres which MLS stars could feature

The draw for the 2020 Copa America took place on Tuesday, with the 12-team tournament bringing together 10 countries from South America along withAustralia and Qatar on an invite basis.

The quadrennial event will run through July 12 with the final in Barranquilla, Colombia. The first match is set for June 12, when co-hosts Argentina will face Chile.

The draw is grueling for all involved, with Group A containing Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Meanwhile, Group B has Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Qatar and Venezuela. Eight teams, or the top four from each group,make it through to the quarterfinals. From that point on, single-elimination takes place.

The Copa America first began in1916, and Uruguay holds the mantle of the most trophies raised with 15. Argentina, despite not winning the trophy since 1993, could equal that total this summer.

The tournament will bring together some of the world’s biggest stars, such as Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar, but there are also plenty of MLS players who could feature for their respective countries.

While rosters won’t be set in stone for quite some time, early outlooks suggest the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers could be hit the hardest by call-ups next summer. Let’s take a look at which MLS players could see action:


With a star-studdedsquad, it’ll certainly be difficult for Atlanta United midfielder Ezequiel Barco to break into head coach Lionel Scaloni’s plans. But the 20-year-old has featured extensively for La Albiceleste’s U-20 side, and there’s always a chance he gets his first test of senior-side competition under the bright lights of South Americaspremier competition. Theres also LA Galaxy forward Cristian Pavon, who played for Argentina at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, though has been out of the side as of late.


The big MLS connection to watch for comes via left back Brad Smith, who won an MLS Cup in 2019 with the Seattle Sounders. He was on loan from Premier League side Bournemouth this past season, and is not currently under contract with the Rave Green.


The 2015 and 2016 winners of Copa America could have some MLS flavor, as led by Sporting Kansas City veteran midfielder Felipe Gutierrez. Otherwise, Colorado Rapids striker Diego Rubio has featured in a handful of games for La Roja, while Houston Dynamo defender Jose Bizama is another candidate.


Can LAFC left back Diego Palacios continue his rapid rise for La Tricolor? Thats one of the biggest MLS-centric questions around their possible Copa America squad, which could also include Seattle center back Xavier Arreaga. Otherwise, players to watch for includeOrlando City midfielderSebastian Mendez and forward Romario Ibarra, whos on loan at Pachuca from Minnesota United.

New York Red Bulls midfielder Kaku is one of several players who could make Paraguays roster USA Today Sports


Outside back Jorge Moreira, who remains on loan with the Portland Timbers from River Plate, is a prime candidate to feature. The same applies to his Portland teammate, midfielder Cristhian Paredes, and former Atlanta star Miguel Almiron, who’s now with Newcastle. Hector Villalba, Almiron’s former attacking partner with the Five Stripes, could make the roster. Then there’s New York Red Bulls midfielder Kaku, whose international career is just taking off after filing a one-time switch from Argentina.


La Blanquirroja have a stronger MLS presence than you might think, with Seattlestriker Raul Ruidiaz among the most notable. There’s also New York City FC center back Alexander Callens and San Jose Earthquakes outside back Marcos Lopez, as well as former Orlandomidfielder Carlos Ascues. To round out the MLS contingent, Portland forward Andy Polo is another candidate for Copa America time.


A bright young star, LAFC winger Brian Rodriguez, will surely look to keep his rapid La Celeste rise going. The other big name to watch for is Seattle maestro Nicolas Lodeiro, who’s one of the squad’s more senior players.


Atlanta striker Josef Martinez is the star attraction for MLS fans when thinking ofLa Vinotinto, but there’s no guarantee the 2018 Landon Donovan MLS MVP even features. In September, he penned a letter explaining why he doesnt plan to accept future call-ups. A safer bet is Real Salt Lake winger Jefferson Savarino or LA Galaxy defender Rolf Feltscher. To round out the MLS possibilities, there’s Portland midfielder Renzo Zambrano and D.C. United midfielder Junior Moreno.

Atlantas Pity Martinez clears the air after dispute with Frank de Boer

MARIETTA, Ga. – So far in his debut season with Atlanta United, it’s safe to say that Pity Martinez’s performances have left fans, coaches and the player himself frustrated and wanting.

In a press conference following a 2-1 win over the Montreal Impact on June 29, De Boer stated that Martinez’s risky passing was becoming “a danger to the team,” thus requiring the manager to substitute him at the hour mark.

After Atlanta’s 3-3 draw against the New York Red Bulls last Sunday, De Boer said in response to a question about subbing Martinez again in the 63rd minute, “We have to win duels, and in my point of view, he did not do enough … I want not 10, or nine, or eight men who work very hard, everybody has to work hard, especially in these kinds of games.”

Thursday evening, an interview with Martinez emerged from Fox Sports Argentina in which the reigning South American Player of the Year expressed frustration and disappointment with the way De Boer spoke about his performances after recent games.

Friday, Martinez held media availability at the team’s training ground for the first time in more than two months, where he clarified his grievances.

“It bothers me because thats something I think he shouldve said behind closed doors to me before he said it to the media,” Martinez told Atlanta media through a translator Friday. “Because whatever he says also has a lot of repercussions everywhere, because people are going to see it. I think, really, he shouldve just said it to me in private and its something we can talk about.”

De Boer, who spoke to reporters prior to Martinez on Friday, said he doesn’t regret speaking what he considers to be truthful statements to the media after matches.

“Everybody knows I take players out when I see they are injured. They are, in that moment, a danger for the team,” said De Boer. “That can happen after 60 minutes. Thats why you see coached make changes after 60, 70 minutes, because you see somebody whos tired not do his job anymore — what you expect. And thats also normal.”

Both Martinez and De Boer met with Atlanta United VP and technical directorCarlos Bocanegra Friday morning, but the two did not speak to each other directly. Martinez said he does indeed speak with De Boer regularly.

“We talk often, but that comment that he said after the game [Sunday], he didnt have a chance to tell me,” said Martinez. “So those are just things that happen, but its done and we have to move forward.

“We have a good relationship. Its just what he said that bothered me, but that was it,” added Martinez. “Hes the coach, and everyone has to get to understand his style of play and what he wants and we have to follow his orders. Im aligned with that. The only thing that bothered me is that some things are better left behind closed doors.”

The timing of the drama isn’t ideal for De Boer’s side, who have a difficult run of games coming over the course of the next month, including matches against LAFC, the LA Galaxy, D.C. United, New York City FCand Portland.

That stretch kicks off Sunday at CenturyLink Field against the Seattle Sounders, who currently sit in third place in the Western Conference standings (3:55 pm ET ESPN in US, TSN1 in Canada).

HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle vs. Atlanta July 14, 2019 (4 min)Torres slides away Atlanta’s last chanceJuly 14, 2019 (1 min)

TACKLE: Torres prevents Josef Martinez tying goalJuly 14, 2019 (1 min)

Britain Sides With China in Technology Cold War – Time

In the battle over the next generation of telecommunications, China is winning. On Jan. 28, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided not to ban hardware made by the market-leading Chinese firm Huawei as the U.K. builds out its infrastructure for 5G wireless technology. The choice was a blow to the Trump Administration, which has waged a monthslong campaign to persuade allies to shun Huawei–and just lost its closest ally.

Sensitive Topic

Although Johnson needs a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.S., he also promised voters a revolution in Internet speed and coverage. His decision not to ban Huawei–despite warnings of the risk of spying by Beijing–reflects the importance states are placing on the competitive advantage in Internet infrastructure. Huawei is to be limited to a maximum 35% role in the periphery of the U.K.’s 5G network, away from “sensitive” sites like nuclear plants. But on Jan. 29, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo still urged Britain to reconsider its decision.

Risky Business

In Germany, the same trade-off between economic growth and security is clear, with an added current of fear over Chinese retaliation. (An estimated 900,000 German jobs depend on exports to China.) “I don’t think we can quickly build a 5G network in Germany without Huawei taking part,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Jan. 18. And while new E.U. guidelines allow members to exclude “high-risk” 5G providers, they stop short of recommending a ban on Huawei.

New Era

For the past century or more, the cutting edge of technology has been dominated by the U.S. and its allies. Now, thanks to years of research and design subsidized by the Chinese government, Huawei’s hardware is cheaper and faster than that of its rivals. That could have lasting effects across the board for U.S. diplomacy. And as China’s sway grows, the Washington-London link is unlikely to be the only “special relationship” to come under strain.

This appears in the February 10, 2020 issue of TIME.

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Columbus Crew SC sign Aidan Morris to Homegrown contract


Columbus Crew SC have signed midfielder Aidan Morris to a Homegrown Player contract, the club announced Tuesday. Morris played his freshman season at Indiana University last year, earning Big Ten Freshman of the Year honors as well as being named a Third Team All-American.

Morris, 18, had two goals and eight assists in 22 games (21 starts), all while the Hoosiers won the Big Ten championship before falling in the NCAA tournament’s third round to UC Santa Barbara. A US youth international, Morris was named to the US U-20s latest January squad. The centermidfielder also has frequently trained with the Crew’s first team and was a standout player for their U-19 Development Academy side.

“We are excited to announce that Aidan will be joining the Crew SC First Team after a very successful season with the Indiana Hoosiers,” Crew president and GM Tim Bezbatchenkosaid in a club statement. “Aidan’s success at the collegiate level speaks to the great work being done by our Academy’s technical staff and we are glad that Aidan will remain a member of our Crew family. We believe that, had Aidan been in the MLS SuperDraft this year, he would have been one of the top three picks in the first round.”

The Crew have been busy this offseason, Morris the clubs sixth addition, followingDesignated Player signingLucas Zelarayan, midfielder Darlington Nagbe, defender Vito Wormgoor and others.

Series:Transfer TrackerTransfer Tracker Status:Signing

Fire coach Veljko Paunovic laments “mistakes from same people”

The Chicago Fires eight-game losing skid is wearing on everyone in the Second City, including head coach Veljko Paunovic.

After seeing his side concede Daniel Lovitzs stoppage-time winner in Saturday nights 2-1 loss at the Montreal Impact, Paunovic provided a window into those frustrations, suggesting jobs are on the line.

“It always comes to the same mistakes from the same people,” Paunovic told reporters.”Just training and doing preparations doesn’t get better. So we have to make some decisions.”

Asked about his clubs skid, Paunovic replied: “Stop asking me those questions [about the losing streak]. We’re [expletive] suffering. It’s difficult for us. It’s terrible. It’s [expletive] terrible.”

Despite the slide and the growing frustrations of a club now10 points back of Montreal and the Eastern Conference playoff line, German star Bastian Schweinsteiger backed Paunovic and his staffto lead the club out of their current funk.

“I’m still convinced that especially the coach and his staff they do a great job and the players give their best,” Schweinsteiger said. “We had many injured players which also plays a part in the circumstances.”

Saturdays loss was especially difficult considering its stature as a playoff six-pointer, with Chicago missing a chance to chop their playoff deficit down to four points with a victory.

The Fire clawed back into the match through Nemanja Nikolicafter going behind early when Schweinsteiger conceded a penalty for a foul against Saphir Taider.

“We can talk about the situation with me and Taider but you can also talk about the whole play until the guy was with me 1-against-1,” Schweinsteiger said.”But we came back and this team has good character. We always fight until the end and we came back. But we cannot keep the score [at 1-1] or score the 2-1 for us.”

Eventually, the Fire conceded Lovitz winner. Afterward, Paunovic questionedhis teams character.

“I think we lack just self-pride,” he said.”I think when we have the last minutes of the game that we really realize when you have a result that’s positive, that’s when you have to put in more. That’s when you have to defend better and not just give up. This [winning] goalis coming from different mistakes. We defended well that corner. But what came before that is the issue. How the corner came. It’s a falling domino and nobody stops the domino so deep until we break down. It’s been the whole season like that.”

Stejskal- Why Atlanta United chose to announce Tata Martinos exit now

Atlanta United announced on Tuesday that manager Tata Martino will leave the team following thisseason after he turned down a contract extension from the club.

According to a source, Martino, whose initial two-year contract was set to expire following this season, didnt informclub brass of his decision to end negotiations until after Atlanta’s 2-1 win against the Chicago Fire on Sunday.

Reports connecting Martino to the vacant Mexico national team head coaching positionhave increased in frequency in recent weeks, with several Mexican outlets reporting that the former Barcelona and Argentina manager has verbally agreed totake over El Tri.

The source couldnt confirm whether Martino has accepted the Mexico job, but did say that the steady stream of leaks prompted Atlanta to make their announcement on Tuesday and not attempt to hold it until after the season.

The club wanted to end the speculation around whether Martino would return to Atlanta on their terms and with as much time as possible before the Audi 2018 MLS Cup Playoffs. Their nightmare scenario was news of his departure breaking a day or two before a playoff game. By making their announcement on Tuesday, the club feels like they’ll be able to make it through a few days of exit-related news before fully turning their attention to Sunday’s regular season finale at Toronto FCon Decision Day presented by AT&T (4:30 pm ET TV & streaming info) and their eventual Eastern Conference Semifinal series.

Atlanta willclinch the Supporters’ Shield and break the all-time single-season MLS points recordwith a win on Sunday. They’d still have a chance at the Shield with a loss or draw and at the record with a draw, but only if last-place Orlando City earns a result on Sunday at the second-place New York Red Bulls, who are just one point behind Atlanta.

Hired ahead of the club’s 2017 expansion season, Martino has a 38-17-17 record in all competitions with Atlanta. Over the last two years, no MLS team has earnedmore points (124), scored more goals (139) or posted a higher goal differential (+59) than the Five Stripes. The club secured a spot in the 2019 Concacaf Champions League by clinching the best record in MLS over the past two seasons with their win on Saturday.

Series:Sam Stejskal

Niger Soldiers Kill 38 Boko Haram Extremists in Operation – Time

(NIAMEY, Niger) — Niger’s defense ministry says soldiers have killed 38 Boko Haram Islamic extremists during an operation in the country’s southeast Diffa region.

Col. Moustapha Michel Ledru said on national television late Friday that two Nigerien soldiers were wounded in the operation that had support from Chad’s army.

Ledru on Tuesday said five soldiers and 30 Nigeria-based Boko Haram militants had been killed after an ambush by the extremists led to fighting Monday.

Boko Haram has killed some 20,000 and displaced millions in its seven-year insurgency. The Nigeria-based extremists have been launching attacks across the country’s borders into Niger, Chad and Cameroon, which contribute to a multinational force that seeks to counter it.

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Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwes Controversial Revolutionary, Dies – Time

Robert Mugabe, the former freedom fighter-turned-wily and ruthless autocrat who ruled the southern African nation of Zimbabwe for 37 years before he was forced out in 2017 following a military takeover, died Friday. He was 95 years old.

“It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding father and former President, Cde Robert Mugabe,” President Emmerson Mnangagwa said in announcing the death on Twitter. “Mugabe was an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people. His contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

Mugabe came to power in the wake of Zimbabwe’s battle for independence from Britain in 1980, promising prosperity and democracy only to undermine both in his single-minded pursuit of political dominance. Though initially celebrated as a liberator, the Savile Row-suited (at least until international sanctions put a stop to his frequent U.K. visits) dictator’s most enduring legacy is a once-promising nation crippled by corruption and mismanagement.

Mugabe was the only leader Zimbabwe had known until Vice President Mnangagwa succeeded him in elections in 2018. A year later, the country still staggers under massive debts, a worthless currency and an impoverished population, all directly related to Mugabe’s time in power. Residents of the capital, Harare, only have access to running water once a week, and many rural communities have no electricity at all. The education system, once the best in southern Africa, has collapsed.

Mugabe’s death follows an extended stay in a Singaporean hospital, where he was being treated for an undisclosed condition that, over the last few years of his life, required annual trips abroad for health care. His treatment abroad earned him criticism at home as Zimbabwe’s public health system crumbled for lack of government investment.

The confirmation of Mugabe’s passing puts an end to persistent speculation. Rumors of his death were so frequent in Zimbabwe that he once bragged about besting Jesus: I have died many times—that’s where I have beaten Christ. Christ died once and resurrected once, he said on his 88th birthday. In September 2016, just after another such rumor sent Twitter into a tailspin, he told reporters, with his signature Cheshire-cat grin, It is true that I was dead. And I resurrected. As I always do. Nonetheless, Mugabe’s final days in power were marked by a visible decline: At the opening of Parliament in September 2015, he launched into the same State of the Nation speech he had delivered just a few weeks prior. Assembled parliamentarians either didn’t notice, or didn’t dare comment, until he was finished.

Catching the nonagenarian’s frequent stumbles and gaffes became something of a two-edged sword for Zimbabwe’s beleaguered media—lapped up by citizens desperate for signs of the end of his reign, but cause for government retaliation as well. When Mugabe tripped and fell on the red carpet at the Harare airport upon his return from a meeting at the African Union, local papers covered the incident, but heralded it as a sign of his continued good health: President Mugabe showed that he is mentally agile by having the reflexes to break that fall and that he is physically fit by walking away unscathed, was the pro-government Sunday Mail’s take. The incident proved why Zimbabweans vote for him consistently: he is as mentally alert and physically capable as he has ever been.

A ‘master politician’ and ‘tragic figure’

It was that deft wielding of rewards, and punishment, for supporters and detractors alike that put Mugabe in power and kept him there for so long, says Zimbabwean-born Charles Laurie, director and head of politics at the London-based Verisk Maplecrof risk analysis firm. Mugabe was a master politician, and something of a tragic figure, never having been able to escape his own ambitions, says Laurie. If Mugabe had left office in a peaceable and timely manner, he would be regarded as one of the icons of the African political scene. Instead, he used his skills to manipulate elections and extend his terms long beyond those mandated by Zimbabwe’s constitution, according to Laurie. The essence of his rule is the single-minded purpose of him remaining in power, and the willingness to use all means to achieve that goal.

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Zimbabwe Lifts Ban on Genetically Modified Corn Imports


Robert Mugabes Legacy of Broken Souls

Mugabe won his last presidential term in 2013, with 62% of the vote in an election that was widely considered to be fraudulent and unfair. When street protests fueled by social media threatened Mugabe’s grip on power in late 2016, he retaliated in characteristic style, cracking down with brutal force and driving protest leaders into exile.

His revolutionary roots

Educated at missionary schools in what was then known as the English colony of Rhodesia, Mugabe went on to study at Fort Hare University in South Africa, where he first encountered the revolutionary politics of the African National Congress. Mugabe’s newfound political activism earned him a decade-long prison term for sedition a few years after he returned to Rhodesia in 1960. Upon his release in 1974, he fled to neighboring Mozambique, from where he launched a guerrilla war against Rhodesia’s white-supremacist government, which ended with independence in 1979.

When Mugabe became Prime Minister of the newly named Zimbabwe in April 1980, he surprised his former foes by calling for a policy of reconciliation and even appointing some white Zimbabweans to his government. If yesterday I fought you as an enemy, today you have become a friend, he said in a national radio broadcast. If yesterday you hated me, today you cannot avoid the love that binds me to you. In 1981, he was nominated with Britain’s Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington for a Nobel Peace prize for their work in bringing about the Rhodesian peace settlement, but was passed over in favor of the United Nations’ refugee commission.

Mugabe’s push for peace ended abruptly in 1982 over a political fallout with fellow freedom fighter Joshua Nkomo, with whom he shared a coalition government. Mugabe sent his notorious Fifth Brigade to crush an armed uprising by Nkomo’s minority Ndebele tribe, resulting in the deaths of thousands in what has been described by many observers as ethnic cleansing. Still, Mugabe remained a darling of the West for turning Zimbabwe into one of the healthiest, best-educated and economically successful countries on the African continent at the time. In 1994, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth knighted him.

Corruption and nepotism erode early successes

But the adulation didn’t last. By the time he became president in 1987, corruption and nepotism had started to erode those early successes. In 2000, Zimbabwe’s economic growth had slowed substantially, and Mugabe encountered growing political opposition. In response, he launched a populist land reform program, expropriating white-owned farms and giving them to landless supporters and war veterans under the guise of correcting Zimbabwe’s colonial inequalities. The economy went into free-fall, and inflation spiked — the central bank started issuing billion-dollar bank notes, and a hamburger went for 15 million Zimbabwean dollars. National elections in 2008 were marked by fraud, deadly violence and a severe repression of the media. Mugabe was eventually forced into an uneasy power-sharing government with Morgan Tsvangirai, widely seen as the real winner, but by then Mugabe had lost whatever credibility he had left in the international arena. His knighthood was rescinded, and he was slapped with targeted sanctions that prevented him from going to many countries in Europe and the U.S.

Zimbabwe’s economy never recovered, buffeted by a loss of investor confidence, debt, financial fraud and now drought. Corruption monitoring group Transparency International estimates that Zimbabwe is losing at least $1 billion a year to graft. According to the World Bank, one fifth of the population lives in extreme poverty. Nonetheless, Mugabe continued to celebrate his February birthdays in lavish fashion, serving feasts of elephant, buffalo and even lion meat to crowds of cronies numbering in the tens of thousands, even as five million of his subjects faced food shortages. read more

La MLS publie une mise à jour du code de conduite des supporters

NEW YORK (1er mars 2019) –La Major League Soccer et ses clubs ont publié aujourd’hui une version mise à jour du code de conduite des supporters pour la saison 2019, ainsi qu’un ensemble transparent et cohérent de sanctions pour toutes les infractions.

Cette mise à jour est le fruit d’une collaboration entre le Bureau de la ligue et les clubs afin de développer un code de conduite des supporters et un ensemble de sanctions communs pour tous les matchs de MLS et les grands évènements.

?La MLS a les meilleurs supporters, tous sports confondus, a déclaré Mark Abbott, président et vice-commissaire de la MLS. Le code de conduite mis à jour aidera nos supporters à savourer les matchs de MLS dans des environnements enthousiasmants, dynamiques et s?rs, avec une approche cohérente d’un club à l’autre.?

Le code de conduite mis à jour, qui entre en vigueur le 2 mars à l’occasion du début de la saison régulière 2019 de MLS, définit explicitement les actes interdits sur les sites de la MLS, y compris les menaces, les gestes, affichages ou propos choquants et grossiers, le lancer d’objets, l’utilisation d’articles pyrotechniques non autorisés et le vandalisme.

Les 24 clubs de MLS rencontreront leurs groupes de supporters avant leur premier match à domicile afin d’examiner le code de conduite mis à jour et les sanctions, et de répondre aux questions.

Pour consulter le conduite mis à jour et les sanctions, rendez-vous ICI.

Topics:Media Resources: Fran?ais

Tactical tweak helps Atlanta United overcome visitors typical MBS bunker

ATLANTA — The blueprint to beat Atlanta United in Mercedes-Benz Stadium seemed well-established: pack the center of the field with either three center backs or two defensive midfielders and force the Five Stripes into non-threatening possession that leaves them exposed on the counterattack.

Frank de Boer even said as much after his team’s 3-0 win over Minnesota United Wednesday night — a match that was much closer than the final score indicated.

“They had a philosophy with five in the back, three in midfield and two up front,” said ATLUTD’s head coach in his post-match press conference. “They did that for a reason. They want to drop deep, and then with good passing, they wanted to beat us on the counterattack. I think we solved that problem really well.”

Atlanta solved it in a couple ways, one of which was to sit off the ball more than they have in the past, which Matt Doyle discussed in his Armchair Analyst column.

But de Boer also changed his side when his team was in possession, moving his star attacking midfielder Pity Martinez into a wide role on the right flank, the first time the Argentine has started in that position this season. Julian Gressel, a player Atlanta fans have come to adore for his service from the right wing, slotted inside as a box-to-box/playmaker hybrid.

“I know that Pity is a player that can play like a No. 10, but from the right coming in on his left foothe can make smart passes or shoot on goal,” said de Boer. “He can be very dangerous doing that as well… We didn’t want to give players like [Osvaldo] Alonso much freedom, so Julian and his work rate is great in that position.”

Whether the change persists beyond Wednesday’s matchup remains to be seen. Gressel told media after the match that Minnesota’s shape in midfield, with the 33-year old Alonso playing as a single-pivot defensive midfielder, allowed the German to use his mobility to Atlanta’s advantage.

“I think it kind of freed up Pity,” Gressel said of the tactical shakeup. “He got on the ball in good spots and I thought I got on the ball in good spots in the first half as well. Maybe I do a bit more running in there to shuffle things around, where Pity is more of a stationary guy, so I thought it worked pretty good.”

De Boer told reporters after the match that he anticipated Adrian Heath deploying his side in a 4-2-3-1 system, but the fact that he instead opted for a 5-3-2 perhaps played to the strengths of Atlanta’s setup.

“I figured to be the guy that was able to find the open pockets on the sides of Alonso,” said Gressel. “I know he’s not the youngest anymore, so he might not be able to move side to side. When Eric [Remedi] and Darlington [Nagbe] stayed deep like they did, we were able to create overloads on the side. I think you saw that on the first goal.”

With just one more home match remaining before the June international break,de Boer will likely be heartened that his team seems to have found a solution to what was an obvious weakness during his first couple of months in charge of the defending MLS Cup champions.

US national team names roster for upcoming friendlies vs. Brazil, Mexico

UPDATE (Monday, 9 am ET): Toronto FC midfielder Marky Delgado was added to the roster on Monday morning. The roster now stands at 25 players.

Sunday, 11:30 am ET

The US national team has revealed its roster for a pair of high-profile friendlies against Brazil and Mexico, with head coach Dave Sarachan opting for a young squad as the US gear up for a return to competitive play in 2019.

The 24-man squad, which boasts an average age of 23.66 years as of Sunday, will first take on Brazil on Sept. 7 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (7:30 pm ET FS1, UniMás, UDN) before heading to Nashville to face Mexico at Nissan Stadiumon Sept. 11 (8:30 pm ET ESPN, UniMás, UDN).

New York Red Bulls midfielder Tyler Adams (front) and Columbus Crew SC forward Gyasi Zardes training with the USMNT in January Robert Mora – LA Galaxy

“For these matches against Brazil and Mexico, the theme remains the same in that we are using the opportunity against these high-powered opponents to continue building on the foundation that we’ve laid,” Sarachan said in a team statement. “We felt it was right to continue allowing this group to get valuable experience for the big picture that includes competitive matches in the future with the Gold Cup, Olympic qualifying and World Cup qualifying.”

There are 11 MLS players in the squad, with Columbus Crew SC and the New York Red Bulls bothsending three players and five other teams each sendinga player.

Red Bulls defender Aaron Long has earned his first national team call-up at any level, another step on a journey that saw him spend three years playing for a variety of USL teams before breaking through with New York in 2017.The 25-year-old Longwill join club backline partner Tim Parker, as well as Tyler Adams.

Crew SCwill send goalkeeper Zack Steffen andmidfielder Wil Trapp, who have been regular fixtures with the USMNT in 2018, and forward Gyasi Zardes, wholeads all US-eligible MLS players with 15 goals this season and will make his first camp appearance since January.

Among the notable returnees to the squad is Colorado Rapids midfielder Kellyn Acosta, who will make his first appearance in USMNT camp this year, followinga midseason trade from FC Dallas. LA Galaxy midfielder Sebastian Lletget will also be making his return to the squadfor the first time since his injury in a March 2017 World Cup qualifier, while Wolfsburg defender John Brooks will also make his first camp of 2018 after missing much of the 2017-18 club season with injury.

USMNT roster vs. Brazil and Mexico

GKAlex BonoToronto FCGKEthan HorvathClub BruggeGKZack SteffenColumbus Crew SCDJohn BrooksWolfsburgDCameron Carter-VickersSwansea CityDEric LichajHull CityDAaron LongNY Red BullsDMatt MiazgaNantesDShaq MooreReus DeportiuDTim ParkerNY Red BullsDAntonee RobinsonWigan AthleticDDeAndre YedlinNewcastle UnitedMKellyn AcostaColorado RapidsMTyler AdamsNY Red BullsMPaul ArriolaD.C. UnitedMMarky DelgadoToronto FCMJulian GreenGreuther FürthMSebastian LletgetLA GalaxyMWeston McKennieSchalkeMCristian RoldanSeattle SoundersMWil TrappColumbus Crew SCMTim WeahParis Saint-GermainFAndrija NovakovichFotuna SittardFBobby WoodHannover 96FGyasi ZardesColumbus Crew SC

Pos. Player Club

Orlando City 2, New England Revolution 1 – 2019 US Open Cup Match Recap

Goals five minutes apart in the first overtime gave Orlando City a 2-1 win over the New England Revolution Wednesday at Exploria Stadium, sending the Lions to their fourth Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup quarterfinals appearance in seven years, their third in five years as an MLS club.

Homegrown Player Benji Michels first professional goal in the 96th minute broke the deadlock when the 21-year-old Orlando native dummied a Carlos Ascues shot from the top of the box, then deftly steered the rebound into the corner before New England goalkeeper Matt Turner could reach it.

Orlando was fortunate to double its lead five minutes later, as a failed Ascues dribble fell to Tesho Akindele in the penalty area, and his almost reluctant, off-balance mis-hit deflected off of Andrew Farrell and rolled tantalizingly past the dive of a wrong-footed Turner.

New England pulled a late goal back on a header by Justin Rennicks for his first Revolution goal, and substitutes Juan Fernando Caicedo and Antonio Delamea both directed headers off target in the frantic final minutes.

The game only roared to life in the final 15 minutes of regulation when Orlando goalkeeper Adam Grinwis made a close-range kick save of a Teal Bunbury heel flick in the 75th minute. The chances came quickly after that, as New Englands Caicedo and Orlandos Akindele both crashed shots off the post, and an 87th-minute Turner stop on Dillon Powers insured the game would reach extra time.


96 – ORL – Benji Michel WATCH101 – ORL – Tesho Akindele WATCH117 – NE – Justin Rennicks WATCH

Three Things

THE BIG PICTURE: Both teams best chance for a title in 2019 rested on this US Open Cup, and its James OConnors team that is still alive – and hosting New York City FC in the quarterfinals – after finally finding, and taking, their chances. Orlando did lose Cristian Higuita and Powers to injuries, although their severity remains uncertain.MOMENT OF THE MATCH: The Grinwis stop in the 75th minute kept Orlando alive, but it was the Revs chance in the 79th minute that may loom largest on New Englands list of regrets. Caicedo juggled around Lamine Sane and unleashed a shot from the top of the penalty area. With Grinwis beaten, it came back off the post and into the path of Teal Bunbury, last weeks Open Cup hero in New England. Staring at an open net, Bunbury tried to hit the ball first time and scuffed it wide, opening the door for Orlando to reach – and thrive in – extra time.MAN OF THE MATCH: Ascues. When Higuita limped off the field seemingly near tears late in the first half, Orlando were forced into an early change. But Ascues, playing in midfield, filled in ably and ultimately played a key role in both overtime tallies.

Next Up

ORL: Wed., June 26 at D.C. United (8pm ET ESPN+ in US; DAZN in Canada)NE: Wed., June 26 vs. Philadelphia Union (7 pm ET MLS LIVE on ESPN+ in US; DAZN in Canada)

How Benji Michel became Orlando City SCs first pure-bred homegrown player

Benji Michel recalled watching previous editions of the MLS Homegrown Game during his time at the University of Portland.

Perhaps that was a foreshadowing moment as the Orlando City Homegrown will feature in the 2019 edition when the MLS Homegrown Team take on Chivas de Guadalajaras U-20 squad Tuesday (5 pm ET TUDN, Twitter) at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

“I was really excited to be selected for the All-Star Homegrown game,” Michel told MLSsoccer.com. “I watched the Homegrown game a couple of times when I was in college, so for my name to be selected, to be part of that, it’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to get to experience it.”

Michel’s journey through the Orlando City Development Academy began when he was 17 years old. Paul Shaw, Orlando’s Youth Academy Director, discovered the Orlando native and brought him into the academy through an invitation.

It was a case of Shaw taking a chance, which eventually spurred Michel to successful stints at the DA and the Portland Pilots during his collegiate years.

“We got a good look at a lot of players locally,” said Shaw, who coached Michel’s U18/U17 DA team. “It was a case of inviting Benji and seeing how he is with a lot of players. As soon as we brought him into that environment, he excelled. You just don’t know what player you’re dealing with, so we brought him into the Development Academy, and we saw he’s one we definitely had to develop.”

Michel is Orlando City’s first pure-bred homegrown. Raised in Orlando by his older stepbrother Robert Thelusma, who introduced him to soccer at 10 years old, Michel attended high school at nearby Monteverde Academy.

The forward of Haitian descent eventually left Central Florida to play college soccer in Portland, scoring 31 goals in 53 appearances with the Pilots from 2016-18. During the summer, Michel played League Two (formerly USL PDL) with the Portland Timbers U-23s, but was called back home toward the end of last year when Orlando City brought in a new soccer chief.

The first task on day one on the job for Orlando City’s EVP of Soccer Operations Luiz Muzzi, who joined the organization after the end of last season from FC Dallas, was looking at the club’s homegrown and academy players.

“Who do we have? Which Homegrowns do we have in college and in our academy?,” Muzzi told MLSsoccer.com. “Who do we need to be paying attention to right now? That was one the first things, and I got the answers like Benji Michel, Santiago Pati?o and some of the other guys who are still in college, and guys who are coming up through Orlando City B.”

On Dec. 31, Michel signed a Homegrown deal with the Lions and has featured in eight league games, starting four. His first MLS goal July 13gifted Orlando City a 1-0 win over the Columbus Crew at Exploria Stadium.

Michel, however, doesn’t put much thought about the amount of playing time he’s getting during his rookie year in MLS, calling it a learning experience.

“I try not to think too much about that,” Michel said. “I just want to focus on the team, but if the team needs, I’m there to help out. I’ll keep working hard, keep focusing on the team and just try to do my best.”

According to Muzzi, Michel is still part of an ongoing process that requires time and patience.

“We have to respect the process,” Muzzi said. “We showed him the first team, but if we expect that he’s going to be great, there’s a chance he might fail. So, you have to have patience, especially coming from college where it’s a different system. I’ve said it time and time again, when these guys hit the five-month mark, they completely go down because they’re not used to it because in college they never go longer than that.

“He’s been developing, we just have to have patience with him,” he added. “I think the fact that he is getting minutes, and taking advantage of those minutes, that’s credit to him because he understands how the process works.”

Michel and Pati?o, who was part of Orlando City’s academy, but instead was selected as the third overall pick in the 2019 MLS SuperDraft, are part of a new line of Orlando City’s development process, according to Muzzi.

College players affiliated with OCSC’s DA train with the first team throughout the summer, and it fits into Muzzi’s vision, especially when the Development Academy moves into the first-team’s new training grounds at Osceola Heritage Park next month.

“Having those guys training with us, you can get to know the new Orlando City and we can get to know them as well,” said Muzzi. “It’s great to see them every day, it’s great to get to know them over lunch and have conversations, but, as well, get to know them on the field and off the field. It’s been extremely positive.”


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