Las Vegas Lights 5 Toronto FC 1 – 2019 Preseason Match Recap

Toronto FC took on USL Championship outfit Las Vegas Lights FC on Saturday at Cashman Field in Las Vegas as part of Preseason presented by Advocare, with the home side winning 5-1.

TFC were fielding half their squad, as they had a scheduled friendly in Southern California against J-League club Vissel Kobe on Saturday evening, although heavy rains in Orange County led to the second game being cancelled.

Ryan Telfer had Torontos lone goal, just past the hour mark from an assist from Jay Chapman.

TFC are gearing up for the start of their season, coming in just over two weeks, when they begin their Concacaf Champions League series against Independiente on Feb. 19.

Needless to say, head coach Greg Vanney wasnt too pleased:

Understandably, Las Vegas Lights manager Eric Wynalda had a different postgame disposition:


LV — Alex Harlley38LV — Irvin Parra 42TOR — Ryan Telfer (Jay Chapman) 64LV — Edwin Rivas 67LV — Bryan Arguez 86LV — Edwin Rivas 91Toronto FC lineup: Alex Bono — Auro Jr. (Jayden Nelson 77), Chris Mavinga, Laurent Ciman,Luca Petrasso — Liam Fraser, Noble Okello (Richie Laryea 46), Jay Chapman, Nick DeLeon (Tsubasa Endoh 62), Ryan Telfer — Jordan Perruzza (Jordan Hamilton 62)

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