Crazy Ivan- How to get rid of the Soviet Union, the United States submarine tracking

During the Cold War, Soviet submarine underwater battle of wits is a common thing. American and Soviet submarines regularly track each other, or even a simulated attack, to observe each others reactions and the associated data records. When it came to such a tail, very annoying. Of course, the submarine can not sit still. So, the Soviet Union used a bold and unique tactics, such tactics by the US Navy called Crazy Ivan.

submarine sonar there is often mounted a blind (sound speed region), FIG. Fig. Navy submarine often utilize blind Soviet submarines, which leads to difficult to find. Sonar blind spots exist, resulting in even submarines being tracked, sometimes it is not found.

the Soviets found that if the situation does not, it will do the clean-up blind (clearing the baffles) this action, which aims to detect whether there is behind in tracking submarines. Including the crazy Ivan action. In doing this action, Soviet submarines carried a large angle to the right or to the left sharp turn, get rid of the US submarine tracking, or out of, or carrying out mock attacks.

in the United States to avoid the submarines, in addition to swerve Soviet submarine submarine will accelerate rapidly the speed and reduce speed. And avoid the time is short, up to a full five hours.

the picture shows Soviet submarine do crazy Ivan the tactical action. Soviet submarine and another US submarine chase group tracking underwater, submarine both test performance, but also the two sides battle of wits a battle of wits process. If the captain was a rookie, even if the US submarine into the blind spot, if known Soviet submarine, which is likely to take such action, to achieve bite.

Soviet Yankee class submarines often do such an operation is referred to as a Yankee Navy fool (Yankee Doodles). In the United States during the Revolutionary War, the British often sing Yankee Doodles, used to ridicule the colonial army and vulgar behavior and dress. Doodle mean fool fool in this sense, that it is called evasive action of one kind of derogatory term for Soviet submarines.

The Hunt for Red October, novels and movies, we can see all crazy about Soviet submarine Ivan describes this action.

found that the Soviet submarine USS crazy Ivan do this action when, in accordance with the requirements of the engine should be shut down immediately, be voice control. Even off the engine, the inertia U.S. submarine, and the submarine when Soviet rapid steering, in a blind state basically. So a little inattentive, will result in two boats collided.

Soviet submarines do crazy Ivan This action is very dangerous, but also in history have been led to the accident. US Navy SSN-639 attack submarine and an echo of the Soviet Union II class submarines collided once had, fortunately, both caused no casualties.

most submarines are now installed towed sonar, makes it easier to find than the original track their submarines. Crazy Ivan this action, is the product of the technological age. As technology advances, by maneuvering to test whether a submarine tracking their own, it has been rarely used.

not only can bring the submarine towed sonar, the submarine also started and some equipment UUV, for submarine detection and tracking their own behind. As technology advances, people are always able to find a better way to solve the problem.