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Always go in learning the occasion of India meeting with Modi, the term fancy contrast between China and India, which have more than 1/6 of the worlds population.
always went to study in India, Modi met the occasion, the two countries mutual collision “is undoubtedly tempting, they have more than 1/6 of the worlds population. In recent decades, China and India have huge economic growth, but they are still generally poor trapped. In addition, China is now both a strong leader by the ruling.
However, many people believe that compare the two countries and their development is very useful. India correspondent Pallavi Aiyar with many years traveled to China, he recently said: the worlds largest democracy in Indonesia, rather than its autocratic neighbors. As shown below, the difference between China and India is more prominent than the similarities.
Brazil, Fortaleza. On the sixth BRIC summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands with Indian Prime Minister Modi.
Chinas unemployment rate is much higher than India, but some people say, but also need to be considered underemployed.
2012 unemployment rate:
China: 4.5%
India: 3.4%
the number of troops more than 100 million, but Chinas military budget is much higher than India. In addition, China has more nuclear warheads.
number of nuclear warheads:
China: 250
India: 90-110 pieces
proportion of female workers in Chinas surprisingly high, their labor force participation of two Indian counterparts times.
female and male labor force participation rate comparison:
China: 0.84
India: 0.41
Although some people believe that Chinas literacy rate may be exaggerated, but there is no doubt it has reached a significant level. Especially considering that China must learn Chinese characters, instead of spelling. China has more than 96% literate, compared with just over 71 percent of Indias people literate.
2012 Adult literacy rate:
China: 96.4%
India: 71,2%
Indias population (to1.25 billion years) is rapidly catching up China (last year was 13,6 billion), thanks to Chinas “one child policy”, its fertility rate has dropped to 1.7. Many experts suggest that Chinas actual fertility rates but also much lower.
2012 fertility rate:
China: 1.7
India: 2.5
China wants to have more say in national institutions, because it will not affect the global economy change and political change. In the IMF, the Chinese have more than Indias voting rights. However, China is still less than the United Kingdom the right to vote, let alone the United States.
IMF voting rights:
China: 95996
India: 58952
China and India have some of the most delicious food, so it is not clear why their inhabitants want a Big Mac. However, they should do so, the price of a Big Mac in India is much cheaper. As economists say, McDonalds hamburger prices can reflect the monetary value of different countries is how disorders.
the price of Big Mac:
China: 2.73 US dollars
India: 1.75 US dollars
Chinese sport as a symbol of national honor, they spend a lot of time to search for resources and training medalists. Perhaps this is not surprising. However, China won 88 medals at the 2012 London Olympics, while India won only six. In fact, the number of medals China won at the London Olympics is more than three times the number of medals obtained by the Indian Olympic Games.
In 2012, the number of medals in London Olympics:
China: 88
India: 6
Chinese netizens only be able to confirm through corrupt luxury watches. In the anti-corruption action in full swing, the conspicuous consumption is now gone. However, Chinese imports of Swiss watches this year, still far more than India.
July 2014, the import value of 1 to Switzerland table:
China: 819.3m
India: 65.4m
Although there is not a lot, but the proportion of Chinese women members in the “rubber-stamp legislature” in the high than the Indian Parliament. However, women MPs in India is democratically elected, they have more of a say. Moreover, there had been the history of Indian women leaders, but China can no women promoted to the Politburo Standing Committee. The proportion of
women in parliament:
China: 25%
India: 9%
China due to the lack of freedom of the press and notorious. However, “Reporters Without Borders” that India also has a lot of problems.
press freedom index ranking:
China: 175
India: 140
the overall health of the two countries also have huge differences. A child born in China can expect to live nine years, he lived longer than the Indian-born child.
2012 Average life:
China: 75
India: 66
larger difference between China and India neonatal mortality levels. In India, died 28 days after birth is three times more than Chinas.
2012 neonatal mortality:
China: 9
India: 31
“The Guardian” User Comments:
It is not surprising India is far behind China. And, sadly, political freedom is the key to the economic development of this point of view, it is not a good sign.
Another difference is: How much garbage on the streets?
China has almost no! As for India, let alone up!
5566hh LouSnickers
I have not been to India. However, in some small Chinese city streets may be a lot of garbage, but I think the big cities generally very clean.
These data clearly show that: in almost any field, China is far ahead of India. A governing style authoritarian and ethnically homogeneousState will always win over a “democracy” and the ethnic diversity of the country.
Comparison of the two countries and India makes little sense, the best result is India becoming a dumping ground for Chinese products and raw materials providers, and finally into Chinas industrial transfer target, but China needs the United States and Japan aimed at development model needs at least a period of about three years to achieve a comparable level, and because Chinas population base and face employment pressure and the maintenance of stability appears appropriate, may take longer. But India, it seems that now can not see much hope.
The most prominent problem in China and India is Pakistans South Tibet issue only, not to the current extent these two issues intensified, and Japan, China is the biggest enemy.