Water issues

One. Kissing war of words
said to be very depressed, first kiss happened at the time I did not want to happen with the object.
she was a girl I know of a summer job, and one day she had a falling out with her classmates, Im just a person in the past to persuade only.
In small rooms that little restaurant, sleepwalk gave my first kiss.
is really useless experience, do not know how to get, plus tight, my first kiss, actually lost a lot of saliva.
Even now, I have not tested a second time, for fear of drooling, more embarrassed ah!
II. Small DD
ML prelude, when stroking or licking my little DD, the DD small hard from the beginning, but a lot of times with water, do not water it, a little sticky.
Here, I would like to ask my friends, these two issues do not affect health, there is no good way to solve these two problems?
brothers wet dream it? On emission and similar seemingly have nothing!
kissing saliva first time I heard! Your brother is the body where the estimated bad! Saliva and more people are thin child! Recommended to the hospital the next!