Da Buda Diaoyu Islands

Contemporary war, no economic and no hook. United States to fight the Gulf, took control of oil; the United States to fight in Kosovo, gave a blow to the nascent euro area. Asia is an emerging power, economic power and Japan are among the highest in the world, especially China, the United States on Chinas mood is very complex, also led to Chinas foreign policy is always to adjust, it gives a feeling of wavering.
US policy of containment of China is not an overnight, the Diaoyu Islands is the US planted a time bomb. In this way, the Japanese pushed to the front line to contain China, and urged Japan fired the first shot of the war in Asia. When they defeated the British Empire in India, also did a such a thing, with a view to the future of these junior adults (at the time point of view) when the trouble, you can also return as a mediator. Of course, I did not expect junior outbreak, and now want to think mediation blending also powerless.
Once Asias two largest countries go to war economy, where foreign investment will be immediately transferred, where it is transferred to, have to ask you ……
China is now caught in a dilemma, retreat, domestic emotions erupt , we will now have this surging undercurrent of social conflicts intensified even more out of control; forward, the middle of the United States play into the hands ……
in fact, the Japanese are not stupid.
Now the situation is likely to remain both high-pressure situation on the other side, but remains quite restrained, not to make the situation to expand.
So I think its reasonable that some media analysis, greatly increased the likelihood of misfires, however, misfires not war, no one would think Japan would go to war.
This is not what I really worry about things such as fart, I beat down wages can rise it? Instead, social inflation will get worse, and profiteers will certainly take the opportunity to knock people severely sum. I guess this is the reason for not much popular military zone, had people here are easy to map pleasure, what good Causing loss of lives terrible. . .
say that the economic value of the economy, the Diaoyu Islands can be ignored. The so-called oil, but online blind pass, do not have any oil discovered, what fishery resources in the vicinity of the Diaoyu Islands, Chinese fishermen go, a few years juehu network will be able to scoop up clean.
there is no military value, then the small island, the airport can not repair.
did not say that the Diaoyu military value? Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea barrier can be regarded as Chinas Diaoyu Islands was occupied by Japan under the Imagine America with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong to build fortifications on the island can be considered laterIs under half of China are in the United States and Japan ignorant of the cruel invaders and then the next step does not set foot on what should plan how to prepare for such a situation the Chinese territory like Russia, like the four northern islands the four northern islands Japan wants to return to the top most are Japanese living in Russia, but the chances are not even negotiate directly to the Japanese want to go back to go back to war. Why? The four northern islands is like a door to Russias someone willing to open the door to let a bunch of people waiting in front of his home? As for the economic value of the Diaoyu Islands is also not to be ignored to the point where it rare metal element tree fish oil are necessary to fight the Diaoyu Islands is to grab these brothers really ought to watch TV so much military program are resolved very thorough
at ease, and will definitely play, just a matter of time. Japan is also a small Siyaomianzi refundable. To that lesson as Russia we will know. The first and third of the joint fight against the
world number two, the odds are not good ah. But at our doorstep, we are not afraid, not afraid of war!
The landlord said is commonplace thing, nothing new, this post is mostly to get points now
sesame big island, the hundreds of people are too crowded, what can repair military bases? No Diaoyu Islands, are we not under the eyes of the people?
also “the cruel aggressor what should not set foot on Chinese territory to plan how to prepare a”? Will the United States eat can make it, to set foot on Chinese territory do? The history of the United States does not occupy an inch of land to China.
Do not overestimate the so-called “national mood” as the second floor said, the people, the hungry, care more about their pocketbook, fed, and only care about their own property, so that money bags damaged, and no one quit.
Even if the fight is a local small-scale fighting, just like the eighties.