Dragon sex positions_1

1, the general type
The most common way: the men and women under by the man to take the initiative to attack.
2, advancing
man kneeling on the bed, the woman is lying big feet straight points, support from the lower body to the male waist, the man should help the womans waist with both hands to help them support.
3, snail
lying on the bed, legs bent chests, as if snails. The man kneeling behind the initiative to attack forward.
4, cart
kneeling man. Woman lying on the floor, a 90 ° bend to hold his hands on the ground, the man of the womans feet grip the waist, hips woman man also hold for sexual intercourse.
5, capitulation
woman lying on the bed, his hands as if to make a gesture of surrender, the man lying on the womans back, to take the initiative to attack.
6, sideways straight into the formula
woman to the right side, right leg straight, curved foot, kneeling man between womans feet.
7, knees bent and Formula
woman lying down, legs bent and separated as much as possible. The man get on the ground from above.
8, heels Formula
woman lying in a high position, the man of the womans legs sandwiching the waist, the two sides intercourse.
9, the woman wrapped neck
crawl in bed, legs bent lifted and placed on the mans neck. The man clinging to the womans buttocks, the two sides close.
10, angled
man bed sideways, upwardly high volume lower body, so that the penis prior to removal. Womans flat bed, lift your feet to the waist near the man. Man in place by the insertion intercourse.
11. The arrow in the formula
woman lying in bed, legs apart as far as possible. The man in, tightly close to the womans body intercourse.
12, transverse buttocks formula
woman lying in bed, the man and the woman right angle to intercourse.
13, back sitting
man sitting on the bed, the woman to sit down away from the man intercourse.
14, lily-locking
both men and women lying sideways, man will one leg straight, the woman bent it backwards thigh, the other foot bent the man lifted the womans thigh and across the conduct.
15, after the woman pushed forward surge of formula
lying down, legs bent slightly raised, the man in the opposite direction lie on top, the womans upper legs are clamped separately pantsFeet grip the upper body of the woman, to intercourse.
16, slave formula
woman kneeling on the bed with bent knees, hands creep forward, bending the man behind the womans legs while sitting supine, the womans feet at the waist side.
17, backward formula
lie both men and women, the man in the back of the woman, the womans legs slightly curved, straight pants proactive man to the woman.
18 men kneeling female sitting
man supine, take the initiative to sit on top of the woman. Supine man, the woman sat on the use of active attack.
19, cradle
both men and women do face each other with the two sides wrapped each others waist, square in the chest with both hands, gently rocking forward and backward.
20, weddings formula
both men and women face to face kneeling on the bed, clinging to each other were.
21, shook plate
kneeling on both sides, with both hands to bend back radially at 90 °.
22, the head of Formula
woman crawl in bed, feet separated by hand from the upper body support. The man lying in the opposite direction, under the title right foot support, bend left foot, and the womans body Weice intercourse.
23, knot-type
both men and women face to face sideways in bed, the woman knocked one foot at the waist of the man; the man will one foot bent, until you can smoothly into the womans vagina.
24, two snakes formula
adopted under the male on female, the two sides parallel to the direction opposite the bed. The two sides can strengthen their hand in hand to a sense of intimacy, and to ensure harmony in sex parties with the move. .
25 Peach Blossom formula
plane peach means: in the course of life in both men and women without resorting to bed sex sites, just stand on the ground face to face sex positions. Because sexual stimulation, such as flushing both ways, shaped like a peach.
in bed having sex for a long time whether it will feel the lack freshness. If there is such a feeling, then we might as well get out of bed, lets go out and have sex standing, let our sex life more exciting. The biggest advantage
This position is not restricted to local conditions, or in the shady willow trees; or in the moonlit small bridge, or in the park, or in the mist filled the bathroom …… Also when intercourse, with greater flexibility, the two embracing phase hold, tongue teaser, rubbing each other, as if being in the “Moment of truthAmong the matched red, “the poetic, really comfortable
Moment of truth-style techniques:
the womans arms around his neck, his legs wrapped around his waist ball
1, man does not move. hold the woman thigh, so that women do up and down movement.
2, male hand supporting the legs of women, so that women hit men genitals genitals.
3, a woman with both hands fixed position does not move in the air, a man across the front and rear do the piston movement, striking woman genitals.
4, with the arm strength to make a womans body in front of you, do shun around the genitals junction or counterclockwise motion, the penis can continue to agitate in the vagina, circling, any play.
this position in the life of a woman is to make the most excitement exciting way, from girl to young woman, and both head over heels, smug like to die happy, loud moaning sound of complex and diverse and it is difficult to describe words! a successful sex life posture, give her explosive climax, you can make a woman a lifetime!

Orlando City 2, New England Revolution 1 – 2019 US Open Cup Match Recap

Goals five minutes apart in the first overtime gave Orlando City a 2-1 win over the New England Revolution Wednesday at Exploria Stadium, sending the Lions to their fourth Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup quarterfinals appearance in seven years, their third in five years as an MLS club.

Homegrown Player Benji Michels first professional goal in the 96th minute broke the deadlock when the 21-year-old Orlando native dummied a Carlos Ascues shot from the top of the box, then deftly steered the rebound into the corner before New England goalkeeper Matt Turner could reach it.

Orlando was fortunate to double its lead five minutes later, as a failed Ascues dribble fell to Tesho Akindele in the penalty area, and his almost reluctant, off-balance mis-hit deflected off of Andrew Farrell and rolled tantalizingly past the dive of a wrong-footed Turner.

New England pulled a late goal back on a header by Justin Rennicks for his first Revolution goal, and substitutes Juan Fernando Caicedo and Antonio Delamea both directed headers off target in the frantic final minutes.

The game only roared to life in the final 15 minutes of regulation when Orlando goalkeeper Adam Grinwis made a close-range kick save of a Teal Bunbury heel flick in the 75th minute. The chances came quickly after that, as New Englands Caicedo and Orlandos Akindele both crashed shots off the post, and an 87th-minute Turner stop on Dillon Powers insured the game would reach extra time.


96 – ORL – Benji Michel WATCH101 – ORL – Tesho Akindele WATCH117 – NE – Justin Rennicks WATCH

Three Things

THE BIG PICTURE: Both teams best chance for a title in 2019 rested on this US Open Cup, and its James OConnors team that is still alive – and hosting New York City FC in the quarterfinals – after finally finding, and taking, their chances. Orlando did lose Cristian Higuita and Powers to injuries, although their severity remains uncertain.MOMENT OF THE MATCH: The Grinwis stop in the 75th minute kept Orlando alive, but it was the Revs chance in the 79th minute that may loom largest on New Englands list of regrets. Caicedo juggled around Lamine Sane and unleashed a shot from the top of the penalty area. With Grinwis beaten, it came back off the post and into the path of Teal Bunbury, last weeks Open Cup hero in New England. Staring at an open net, Bunbury tried to hit the ball first time and scuffed it wide, opening the door for Orlando to reach – and thrive in – extra time.MAN OF THE MATCH: Ascues. When Higuita limped off the field seemingly near tears late in the first half, Orlando were forced into an early change. But Ascues, playing in midfield, filled in ably and ultimately played a key role in both overtime tallies.

Next Up

ORL: Wed., June 26 at D.C. United (8pm ET ESPN+ in US; DAZN in Canada)NE: Wed., June 26 vs. Philadelphia Union (7 pm ET MLS LIVE on ESPN+ in US; DAZN in Canada)

143 China Experts Urge Xi Jinping to Free Jailed Canadians – Time

More than 100 China experts and former envoys to Beijing called on President Xi Jinping to release two Canadians who have been detained for six weeks, saying the cases undermine his efforts to build bridges to the rest of the world.

The group, including former U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke, ex-Hong Kong Governor Christopher Patten and five former Canadian ambassadors to China, released an open letter to the Chinese leader Tuesday urging the two men’s freedom. The letter said that Michael Kovrig, a Canadian diplomat on leave to work with the International Crisis Group in Hong Kong, and Michael Spavor, an entrepreneur who helped organize tourist trips to North Korea, had advocated exchanges that help build ties around the globe.

We who share Kovrig and Spavor’s enthusiasm for building genuine, productive and lasting relationships must now be more cautious about traveling and working in China and engaging our Chinese counterparts, the letter said. That will lead to less dialogue and greater distrust, and undermine efforts to manage disagreements and identify common ground.

The letter represented the latest effort to increase international pressure over the detentions, which came days after Canada arrested Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou as part of a U.S.-led extradition effort for alleged bank fraud related to violations of sanctions against Iran. She has denied wrongdoing.

Spy agency

China has deflected questions about whether the cases were launched in retaliation, saying only that the men are being held by the country’s spy agency on suspicion of activities endangering national security.

The incidents have fueled diplomatic tensions between Ottawa and Beijing, including dueling travel warnings about the risk of arbitrary law enforcement. Canada’s current ambassador to China, John McCallum, said last week that the feud was damaging Beijing’s reputation and risked undermining its interests among the global business community.

Before the letter’s release, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying dismissed Ottawa’s empty show of strength in trying to increase pressure on Beijing. Canada should stop making irresponsible remarks, Hua told a regular briefing Monday.

Kovrig met regularly and openly with Chinese officials, researchers and scholars as part of his work with Crisis Group, while Spavor spent time building relationships between North Korea and countries including China, Canada and the U.S., according to the letter.

These meetings and exchanges are the foundation of serious research and diplomacy around the world, including for Chinese scholars and diplomats, the letter said. However, Kovrig and Spavor’s detentions send a message that this kind of constructive work is unwelcome and even risky in China.

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