Defying China, Independence Activist Speaks in Hong Kong – Time

In defiance of weeks of escalating government pressure, a Hong Kong independence activist delivered a highly anticipated address on Tuesday to a packed house of local and international media at the city’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC), calling for the city to breakaway from China but offering little in the way of a roadmap.

“If Hong Kong were to become truly democratic, Hong Kong sovereignty must rest with the people of Hong Kong. And there’s only one way to achieve this, independence,” said Andy Chan Ho-tin, the 27-year-old convener of the fledgling Hong Kong National Party (HKNP), which is currently facing the prospect of an unprecedented ban by the Hong Kong government on the basis that the group poses an “imminent threat” to national security.

As Chan spoke, loudspeakers blared slogans from the throngs of pro-China protesters crowding the pavements outside the club, who waved banners and Chinese flags.

Beijing has sternly indicated that it will not tolerate calls for independence from the former British colony, which is now a semi-autonomous region of China. In a speech delivered in city last year, President Xi Jinping warned, “Any attempt to endanger China’s sovereignty and security [or] challenge the power of the central government … is an act that crosses the red line, and is absolutely impermissible.”

When returned to China in 1997, the financial hub was guaranteed protection of its civil liberties and rule of law under a framework called ‘One Country, Two Systems.’ But the city’s autonomy has increasingly come under threat over the last few years, and Chan’s appearance at the FCC has given renewed focus to fears of deteriorating free speech in Hong Kong.

Pro-Beijing protesters chant slogans against pro-independence activist Andy Chan, who is scheduled to make a speech at the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC), in Hong Kong on August 14, 2018.

Philip Fong—AFP/Getty Images

Following Tuesday’s luncheon, the Hong Kong government issued a statement saying that it “deeply regrets” the FCC’s decision to hold the event. “It is totally inappropriate and unacceptable for any person to openly promote and advocate the independence of Hong Kong,” a spokesman said. “As such, it is also totally inappropriate and unacceptable for any organization to provide a public platform to espouse such views.”

“We have continuously supported the FCC’s work over the decades,” the statement continued. “However, providing a public platform for a speaker to openly advocate independence completely disregards Hong Kong’s constitutional duty to uphold national sovereignty.”

Read More: China Is Trying to Block a Pro-Independence Activist From Speaking in Hong Kong

China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry also issued a statement denouncing the FCC for providing a platform to “poison the minds of the people,” calling it a “blatant interference with the rule of law” that “hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.”

“Journalists must have professional ethics and cannot use the guise of freedom of the press and speech to do dirty business that harms the sovereign security of other countries.” it added. “This is hypocrisy and self-deception.”

Earlier this month, Beijing sent a representative from the Ministry of Affairs to the FCC to urge the club to “reconsider its decision to host Chan. The FCC, a bastion of free speech in Asia, rebuffed Beijing’s suggestion and stood by its decision to let Chan speak.

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“These events are really at the core of the FCC,” said first vice president Victor Mallet in the luncheon’s opening remarks. “The fact that this lunch now seems to have become far from normal and has generated such exceptional interest in Hong Kong, and around the world, I think tells us more about the political climate in Hong Kong and in Beijing than it does about the FCC.”

“Hosting such event does not mean that we at the FCC either endorse or oppose the views of our speakers,” Mallet added. “Where we do take stand is on the issue of free speech in Hong Kong in Asia and the world. And the FCC does believe that its members, and the public at large, have the right, and in the case of correspondents and journalists, we have the professional responsibility, to hear the views of different sides in any debate.”

Pro-independence activist Wayne Chan is removed by police from a location outside the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC), as people protest ahead of a speech by pro-independence activist Andy Chan, in Hong Kong on August 14, 2018.

Philip Fong—AFP/Getty Images

Over the recent days, the FCC has drawn the ire of pro-Beijing loyalists in Hong Kong, who have not been shy about voicing their dismay. In a series of nine Facebook posts, Hong Kong’s former leader Leung Chun-ying appeared to threaten the club by questioning the terms of its lease, erroneously stating that its historic premises in downtown Hong Kong were rented at a “token price.” Francis Moriarty, a former FCC board member, said in a Facebook post that on his departure from the board three years ago that the club was paying about $77,000 monthly in rent—a market rate.

In his address, Chan said that Hong Kong faced cleansing from an imperial China and that “Peking is now our colonial master,” using the archaic name of Beijing. “Time and time again, our government has shown whatever freedom or democracy they claim to be upholding are just communist mirages,” Chan said.

However, he was unable to offer specifics. He declined to give membership party figures or describe the economic basis on which an independent Hong Kong would exist. One member of the audience asked how long Chan planned to carry on “this charade.”

Originally a youth group called “Common Sense,” named after Thomas Paine’s eponymous leaflet that galvanized the American public to revolt against the British in the 18th century, the HKNP is a fringe party founded by Chan in March 2016. With minimal activity and no elected lawmakers, it carries minimal influence. During the 2016 legislative elections, Chan, and four other aspirants, were disqualified from running.

Chan earlier told TIME that efforts to block his speech at the FCC amounted to an attempt by China to colonize Hong Kong,” adding, [The Chinese government is] restraining journalists from reporting news to the international society just like how they do it in China.

Independence in Hong Kong enjoys little support. According to one survey, 11.4% of Hong Kongers were in favor of independence, a 6% drop from the previous year

In July, Hong Kong authorities presented Chan with a dossier containing hundreds of pages of surveillance collected over the past two years and gave him until September to respond with reasons why his party should not be banned.

—With video by Abhishyant Kidangoor/Hong Kong

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India Hit By Worst Locust Crisis In Thirty Years – Time

India has been hit by the worst locust storm the country has experienced in nearly 30 years, as the nation grapples with the ongoing coronavirus crisis that has overrun hospitals.

Swarms of millions of desert locusts that stretch up to 4 miles long crossed into the Western state of Rajasthan from Pakistan at the beginning of May and have since entered Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) believes that the current locust crisis was caused by the strong winds that followed the Cyclone Amphan that hit India and Bangladesh on May 20.

The FAO said that desert locusts are the most destructive of the all locust species because of their speed and their ability to quickly multiply. An adult locust can fly up to 93 miles an hour. The swarms have devastated crops in a country that was already grappling with an economic crisis as a result of the pandemic.

Hard-hit states are carrying out locust control operations that involve using drones to break apart swarms and fire trucks to spray pesticides. Rajasthan has been implementing these measures since May 22 but states across the country have since issued alerts to farmers, advising them to make loud noises and light fires to repel the locust. But the swarms are expected to remain for at least another few weeks.

“Several successive waves of invasions can be expected until July in Rajasthan with eastward surges across northern India as far as Bihar and Orissa followed by westward movements and a return to Rajasthan on the changing winds associated with the monsoon,” the FAO said in their Desert Locust Situation Update.

Earlier this year, East Africa was also hit by a locust outbreak, the worst the continent had seen in decades.

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FC Dallas keep rolling, top LAFC in FIFA 20 simulated match

FC Dallas is continuing to run their series of FIFA 20 simulated matchesand they just keep on winning, this timegetting a 2-0 victory over Western Conference rival LAFC thanks to first-half goals from Fafa Picault and Zdenek Ondrasekin their simulation on Saturday.

The victory comes on the heels of victories over the Seattle Sounders, NYCFC and, most recently,Atlanta United, so if youre sensing a theme here, you can probably expect FC Dallas torrid run of simulated form to continue going forward.

Check out the highlights below and head over to to see highlights of their other simulated matches.

143 China Experts Urge Xi Jinping to Free Jailed Canadians – Time

More than 100 China experts and former envoys to Beijing called on President Xi Jinping to release two Canadians who have been detained for six weeks, saying the cases undermine his efforts to build bridges to the rest of the world.

The group, including former U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke, ex-Hong Kong Governor Christopher Patten and five former Canadian ambassadors to China, released an open letter to the Chinese leader Tuesday urging the two men’s freedom. The letter said that Michael Kovrig, a Canadian diplomat on leave to work with the International Crisis Group in Hong Kong, and Michael Spavor, an entrepreneur who helped organize tourist trips to North Korea, had advocated exchanges that help build ties around the globe.

We who share Kovrig and Spavor’s enthusiasm for building genuine, productive and lasting relationships must now be more cautious about traveling and working in China and engaging our Chinese counterparts, the letter said. That will lead to less dialogue and greater distrust, and undermine efforts to manage disagreements and identify common ground.

The letter represented the latest effort to increase international pressure over the detentions, which came days after Canada arrested Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou as part of a U.S.-led extradition effort for alleged bank fraud related to violations of sanctions against Iran. She has denied wrongdoing.

Spy agency

China has deflected questions about whether the cases were launched in retaliation, saying only that the men are being held by the country’s spy agency on suspicion of activities endangering national security.

The incidents have fueled diplomatic tensions between Ottawa and Beijing, including dueling travel warnings about the risk of arbitrary law enforcement. Canada’s current ambassador to China, John McCallum, said last week that the feud was damaging Beijing’s reputation and risked undermining its interests among the global business community.

Before the letter’s release, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying dismissed Ottawa’s empty show of strength in trying to increase pressure on Beijing. Canada should stop making irresponsible remarks, Hua told a regular briefing Monday.

Kovrig met regularly and openly with Chinese officials, researchers and scholars as part of his work with Crisis Group, while Spavor spent time building relationships between North Korea and countries including China, Canada and the U.S., according to the letter.

These meetings and exchanges are the foundation of serious research and diplomacy around the world, including for Chinese scholars and diplomats, the letter said. However, Kovrig and Spavor’s detentions send a message that this kind of constructive work is unwelcome and even risky in China.

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Armchair Analyst- Blue Sky daydreaming about Canada at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

It seems written somewhere, by someone with cosmic power, that it must always be done the hard way for the Canadian mens national team. Whether its been Concacaf Gold Cups or World Cup qualifying or just getting some damn friendlies scheduled, nothings ever been easy.

And so it goes in this year, 2020, a year in which nothings ever going to be easy for anybody. Canada, in 2019, looked good and promising. They got a breakout performance from Jonathan David at the Gold Cup, a breakout performance from Alphonso Davies at Bayern Munich, and a breakout performance from Richie Laryeafor Toronto FCin the playoffs. They have more striker depth than the US mens national team, more than adequate central midfield depthand a rising goalkeeping star in Maxime Crepeau.

They also had a massive win over the Yanks in September of last year at BMO Field, destroying their southern neighbors 2-0 – a scoreline that flattered the visitors. That win put Canada on the verge of qualifying for the Hexagonal.

But, alas, this is Canada, and things arent easy. The US returned the favor in the second leg of that Nations League home-and-home, crushing the Canucks by a 4-1 scoreline in Orlando. Just like that, the Hexagonal was just out of reach.

Except maybe not for long! There were three friendlies scheduled in January, and Canada won two of them. And then there were two more friendlies scheduled in late March, both against Trinidad & Tobago.If Canada could win those withsome help elsewhere, then by the time World Cup qualifying started, they really could be in the top six. They really could make the Hexagonal!

We all know, of course, what happened to games scheduled in late March:Canadas friendlies were cancelled along with just about everything else around the world. It seems as though they wont be going to the Hex, but will instead embark upon a long voyage (heh) through multiple layers of qualifiers fora possible home-and-home with the fourth-place Hexagonal finisher. And then the winner of that series will be drawn into the inter-confederation playoffs.

With Canadas luck, even if they make it that far, theyll probably be drawn against the fifth-place Conmebol team. In 2018 that wouldve been Peru, just ahead of two-time defending Copa America champions Chile. In 2014 that wouldve been Uruguay. In 2010 that wouldve been… Uruguay again.

What Im saying is that absolutely nothing is going to be easy for Canada. Nothing has been easy for Canada. But in this version of the future that Im writing, Canadas surmounted every obstacle and have made it to the 2022 World Cup. For the first time in 36 years, and for just the second time ever, the Canadian mens soccer team will find themselves on the biggest stage.

Along the way – and I know this is going to tick some folks off, but here goes – theyll have decided to play in a 3-5-2. Its simply the best way to get Davies into open space and use his endline-to-endline dynamism without suffering because of his periodic lack of defensive awareness.

As with my US version of this column, Im predicting some new clubs for some folks. Heres what their rosters going to look like:


Maxime Crepeau, Vancouver Whitecaps; Milan Borjan, Red Star Belgrade; Dayne St. Clair, Montreal Impact

Theres a very clear No. 1 at the moment in Borjan, but “very clear” is still less clean than it was a year ago, because the 25-year-old Crepeau was outstanding (and outstandingly busy) for the Whitecaps. With Borjan entering his mid-30s and Crepeau entering his prime, I dont think its far-fetched to imagine that the current No. 2 becomes the full-time No. 1 within the next 24 months. I actually think its more likely than not.

St. Clair, when picked by Minnesota in the 2019 SuperDraft, was seen as a future No. 1 for that club, but its much more difficult to see a path to that spot now that Tyler Millers on the roster. St. Clair now feels like trade bait, and the Impact are in an obvious bit of flux at the goalkeeper spot. So there he lands.

Other considerations: None, really. Crepeau and Borjan are the only first-division starters in the pool, and St. Clairs the youngster with the highest, most obvious upside.

Center Back

Liam Fraser, Toronto FC;Derek Cornelius, Vancouver Whitecaps; Kamal Miller, Orlando City SC; Doneil Henry, Suwon Bluewings; Callum Montgomery, FC Dallas

Usually when Im drawing out tournament rosters,I try to keep it to four center backs and one other guy who *can* play center back. But because John Herdmans gone to a back three in this alt-reality (which is sometimes going to operate as a low-block back five, because we want the opponents to push numbers forward and leave space in behind for the counter), were carrying an extra center back.

Yes, one of those center backs is Fraser, who to this point in his young career has primarily been Michael Bradleys back-up at defensive midfield in Toronto. And for Canada, he actually outplayed Bradley during that massive 2-0 win last September.

But, man, when hes played as a CB for the Reds…

Frasersin the middle of that backline in 2022. Hes the distributing hub.

Like Fraser, Cornelius and Miller are each just 22 years old. Both had up-and-down debut MLS seasons last year, but both are integrated into the full picture for Canada and have obvious spots on the depth chart.

The same can be said of Henry, the veteran of this bunch at age 27. If healthy, hes a natural for the first defensive name on the team sheet, but hes had a brutal run of injuries over the past five years. For the sake of this column, hes healthy.

Since its my column, its my call on the roster. And my call is that Montgomery earns the final spot after locking down the job for FC Dallas midway through the 2021 season.

Other considerations: Julian Dunn (TFC), Manjrekar James (FC Midtjylland), Frank Sturing (NEC), Adam Straith (Hansa Rostock), Joel Waterman (Montreal Impact), Amer Didic (FC Edmonton)

Left Wingback

Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich; Raheem Edwards, Toronto FC

For Bayern Munich, Davies has been one of the best left backs in the entire world. Bayern hold a ton of the ball – theyre up around 65 percent possession on the year – and tend to hold it high upfield, overloading in the attacking third against overwhelmed opposition. In that situation, Davies is free to push as high as he wants, and has been a devastating weapon when theyve switched play and found him in isolation with space to exploit. No defender in the world wants to face Davies there.

For Canada, when hes played as a left back, hes been a liability. This was Canadas biggest game in years:

On the first US goal he just ball-watches, leaving Jordan Morris open. On the second US goal hes playing catch-up because Paul Arriolas gotten behind him. On the fourth US goal he doesnt lay out to catch DeAndre Yedlin or make any attempt to block Yedlins cross.

All of this is to say that there are a lot of Canada fans who never again want to see Davies play at left back. Given how good he was the previous game against the Americans, in which he was a hybrid forward/winger, I cant blame them.

Wingback will be our happy medium. You get all the good stuff from Davies on the break, both with and without the ball, but you get that extra layer of defensive solidity behind him in the form of a left center back.

Edwards is another Canadian whos toggled between left back, left winger and left wingback. Like Davies, I think hes at his best as a left wingback. And so here he is, havingmade a triumphant homecoming to Toronto.

Other considerations: Sam Adekugbe (Valerenga), Zorhan Bassong (Cercle Brugge), Ashtone Morgan (RSL)

Right Wingback

Zachary Brault-Guillard, Montreal Impact; Richie Laryea, Toronto FC

Brault-Guillard was a terror to foes both foreign and domestic in the early part of 2020:

Im not quite ready to list him as a “revelation,” but he came damn close. Brault-Guillards going to be very high on this years 22 Under 22, and is a natural as a two-way wingback in Thierry Henrys low-block 5-4-1. It easy to see that translatingto the international level.

The same goes for Laryea, whos a few years older and already has a major international feather in his cap after outplaying Christian Pulisic head-to-head last September. Laryea was also a match-winner for Toronto down the stretch last year when playing as a right back, a winger and sometimes as a wingback. read more

Tournoi MLS is Back – les 26 équipes reprendront la saison le 8 juillet au complexe ESPN Wide World of Sports

NEW YORK et LAKE BUENA VISTA (mercredi 10 juin 2020) – La Major League Soccer a annoncé aujourd’hui le plan de la ligue pour la reprise de la saison 2020, le Tournoi MLS is Back, compétition réunissant les 26 équipes à partir du 8 juillet au complexe ESPN Wide World of Sports du Walt Disney World Resort en Floride. Le tournoi, sans supporters dans le public, permettra à la MLS de reprendre sa 25e saison de fa?on captivante. Les rencontres de la phase de groupes compteront aussi pour le classement de la saison régulière de MLS, et le vainqueur du tournoi sera qualifié pour la Ligue des champions de la Concacaf Scotiabank 2021.

?Nous sommes heureux de faire équipe avec Disney pour relancer la saison 2020 de MLS et recommencer à jouer au soccer, a déclaré le commissaire de la MLS, Don Garber. La possibilité de réunir les 26 clubs dans un environnement contr?lé nous permet de protéger la santé de nos joueurs, entra?neurs et employés tout en recommen?ant à jouer. Nous reconnaissons également que la mort de George Floyd, entre autres, a focalisé notre pays sur les problèmes d’injustice, d’inégalité et de violence raciales à l’égard des hommes et des femmes noirs. Ensemble, avec nos propriétaires, nos joueurs et nos employés, la ligue et ses clubs s’engagent fermement à mettre en place des programmes significatifs et efficaces afin de traiter ces problèmes auxquels notre société est confrontée depuis bien trop longtemps.?

La Major League Soccer a une relation de longue date avec le complexe ESPN Wide World of Sports. La ligue a organisé la préparation de sa saison 1998 au complexe et des évènements du Match des étoiles ont eu lieu dans ces installations en 1998 et en 2019.

?Les sports ont le pouvoir d’unir et d’inspirer, particulièrement pendant les moments difficiles, a déclaré Josh D’Amaro, président de Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. Et nous nous réjouissons à l’idée de ramener ce sport passionnant à des millions de supporters tout en priorisant la santé et le bien-être des joueurs, des entra?neurs, de l’encadrement ainsi que des membres de notre équipe.?


Les clubs commenceront à arriver à Orlando dès le 24 juin pour s’entra?ner et effectuer leur préparation. Les clubs qui peuvent organiser des entra?nements collectifs sur leur territoire en conformité avec le protocole médical et avec le protocole de dépistage de la ligue doivent arriver au plus tard sept jours avant leur premier match.

à l’image du format de la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA, le calendrier du tournoi sera continu avec des rencontres presque chaque jour. Elles commenceront à 9h00, 20h00 et 22h30 (HE). La majeure partie d’entre elles se jouera en soirée. Chaque équipe jouera trois fois durant la phase de groupes, et ces résultats compteront aussi pour le classement de la saison régulière 2020 de MLS. Après une phase de groupes où il y aura au moins un match lors de 16 jours consécutifs, les deux premiers de chaque groupe ainsi que les quatre meilleurs troisièmes se qualifieront pour la phase à élimination directe. Cette dernière commencera avec les huitièmes de finale, suivis des quarts de finale, des demi-finales et de la finale, qui aura lieu le 11 ao?t. En cas d’égalité à la fin du temps réglementaire d’un match à élimination directe ou de la finale, on passera directement à la séance de tirs au but. Rendez-vous ICI pour consulter les grandes lignes du règlement de la compétition.

La MLS a travaillé avec la Fédération américaine de soccer, l’Association canadienne de soccer et la Concacaf afin d’instaurer un changement ponctuel aux places en Ligue des champions de la Concacaf Scotiabank attribuées en fonction des résultats en MLS cette année. Le vainqueur du Tournoi MLS is Back sera qualifié pour la Ligue des champions de la Concacaf Scotiabank 2021, qu’il s’agisse d’un club américain ou canadien. Il prendra la place qui devait revenir au club de MLS le mieux classé à l’issue de la saison régulière 2020 provenant de la conférence dont ne fait pas partie le vainqueur du Supporters Shield.

En plus des rencontres qui compteront pour le classement de la saison régulière et de la place en Ligue des champions, les joueurs pourront empocher des primes supplémentaires faisant partie de la somme de 1,1 million de dollars américains mise en jeu.

Durant le tournoi, l’amendement temporaire autorisé par l’IFAB permettant à chaque équipe d’effectuer jusqu’à cinq remplacements par match sera appliqué. En outre, les équipes pourront inscrire jusqu’à 23 joueurs sur la feuille de match officielle. Par ailleurs, l’Organisation professionnelle des arbitres (la PRO, pour Professional Referees Organization) aura accès à l’assistance vidéo à l’arbitrage lors de toutes les rencontres.

Le Tournoi MLS is Back verra les 26 équipes être réparties en six groupes à l’occasion d’un tirage au sort diffusé en direct demain, jeudi 11 juin, à 15h30 (HE). Pour le reste de la saison 2020 de MLS, le Nashville SC passera dans la Conférence Est. Trois groupes, un de six et deux de quatre, seront composés d’équipes provenant de la Conférence Est. Trois autres groupes, tous de quatre, seront composés d’équipes provenant de la Conférence Ouest.

Club h?te, l’Orlando City SC sera tête de série du Groupe A, qui sera celui de six équipes, et jouera lors du match d’ouverture, le 8 juillet. Les cinq autres têtes de séries seront les demi-finalistes de la phase finale dela saison 2019 de MLS – Atlanta United, le Los Angeles Football Club, le Seattle Sounders FC et le Toronto FC – ainsi que le Real Salt Lake (équipe provenant de la Conférence Ouest la mieux classée parmi les autres à l’issue de la saison régulière 2019). Les têtes de série seront placées en premier dans leur groupe, un tirage au sort permettra ensuite de distribuer les 20 autres clubs dans les groupes en fonction des conférences.

Par ailleurs, le calendrier du tournoi, l’identité des partenaires de télédiffusion nationale et d’autres détails importants du Tournoi MLS is Back seront bient?t annoncés.

Après la fin du Tournoi MLS is Back, la MLS prévoit que sa saison régulière se poursuivra sur les territoires des équipes, avec un calendrier revu, et sera suivie de la phase finale Audi de la Coupe MLS et de la 25e Coupe MLS. Le nombre total de rencontres et le calendrier du reste de la saison régulière 2020 de MLS seront annoncés au cours des prochaines semaines.

Le département médical de la MLS et les experts de la ligue en maladies infectieuses ont développé un plan complet de dépistage de la Covid-19 qui sera appliqué tout au long du Tournoi MLS is Back. Une vue d’ensemble des protocoles sanitaires, médicaux et de sécurité peut être consultée ICI. En outre, la MLS offrira des test sérologiques (d’anticorps) à des habitants du centre de la Floride à partir du 18 juin.


24 juin: Début de l’arrivée des équipes en Floride8 juillet: Début de la phase de groupes du Tournoi MLS is Back25 au 28 juillet: Huitièmes de finale30 juillet au 1er ao?t: Quarts de finale5 et 6 ao?t: Demi-finales11 ao?t: Finale du Tournoi MLS is Back

TOURNOI MLS IS BACK – 8 juillet au 11 ao?t

Nombre de matchs: 54 (39 lors de la phase de groupes, 14 à élimination directe, finale)Jours de match: 26Format: Phase de groupes, huitièmes de finale, quarts de finale, demi-finales, finaleMatchs par club: De 3 (minimum) à 7 (maximum)


Conférence de presse en ligne avec le commissaire de la Major League Soccer, Don Garber: Le commissaire Don Garber sera disponible pour les médias aujourd’hui à la suite de l’annonce officielle de la ligue au sujet de la reprise de la compétition pour les 26 équipes lors d’un tournoi au Complexe ESPN Wide World of Sports en Floride. La conférence commencera aujourd’hui à 12h30 (HE). read more

Monteray Bay Aquarium Otter Photo Sparks Backlash – Time

An aquarium has apologized after getting called out for circulating a photo of an otter named “Abby,” along with colloquial language about the otter’s size.

The tweet in question contained a snapshot showing California’s Monteray Bay Aquarium otter relaxing on the ground at an angle emphasizing her stature. (At 11 years old, the cuddly creature who serves as a surrogate mother to otter pups is actually considered just one pound more than her peers, according to the L.A. Times.)

But as the tweet quickly garnered attention on Tuesday, it was the caption that was not lost on the Internet where Twitter users shared their feelings on the matter.

As might be expected, detractors were not on board with the move to apply internet slang that drew from multiple memes associated with African American culture to the otter.

“I’m certain that @MontereyAq didn’t realize that they were basically comparing Black women to animals by using AAVE developed to talk about Black women’s bodies to describe an animal. But that’s pretty bad, MBA,” Chandra Prescod-Weinstein, an assistant professor tweeted on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the aquarium issued their four-part apology on Twitter.

If our tweet alienated you, please know that we are deeply sorry, and that we offer our sincerest apologies, the tweet read. In particular, several terms referenced originated from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and specifically reference Black women’s bodies. Using them in a sea otter meme without that background makes insinuations we never intended.

As of Thursday morning, Monteray Bay Aquarium appears to be moving on.

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People Are Really Getting Into the Salt and Pepper Shakers Mystery of Our Time

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MLS clubs can begin voluntary small group training sessions

Major League Soccer announcedthat clubs may begin to use outdoorteam training fields for voluntary small group training sessions in compliance with detailed health and safety protocols that were created in consultation with medical and infectious disease experts.

The sessions must not conflict with local public health official or government policies and provide the ability for players to step up their training while maintaining physical distancing protocols.

MLS issueda league-wide team training moratorium following the suspension of the 2020 season on March 12 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 6, playerswere allowed to begin voluntary individual workouts at outdoor team training facilities in accordance with local public health official or government policies.

The league-wide moratorium on full team training remains in place through, and including, Monday, June 1.

Club-specific plan Guidelines

Prior to initiating small group training sessions, every team must submit to MLS a club-specific plan that has been reviewed and approved by the club’s medical staff and local infectious disease expert. Building on the health and safety protocols implemented for voluntary individual workouts, club-specific plans must adhere to the following guidelines for voluntary small group sessions:

Clubs must utilize outdoor fields as indoor training facilities remain closed to all players with the exception of those requiring medical treatment or rehabilitation, under the direction of the team medical staff, that cannot be performed from the safety of their residences.Clubs may divide each full field into a maximum of two equal halves and may assign a group of players to each full or half field.Clubs may clearly define up to six zones per half field, spaced at least 10 feet apart. Only one player may be in a zone at any given time in order to maintain physical distancing standards throughout the session. For clarity, a maximum of six players may be assigned to a single group with each player accommodated in a separate zone.During training sessions, players may switch zones within their own group only if another player is not currently in that zone and players must maintain a physical distance of at least 10 feet from all other players and coaches while moving between zones.Within a single group, players may pass the ball and shoot on goal; however, all training exercises must allow players to maintain a physical distance of at least 10 feet from one another.Players may only train with the other players within their own group and may not interact with other groups. While the groups may not be rearranged during a single training session, clubs may rearrange the combination of players in each group from session to session.Coaches and technical staff must wear a face mask at all times and may direct players from the perimeter of the field, never entering the field, while maintaining at least 10-feet of distance from other staff and players.Only approved equipment may be used during training session including balls; small and regular goals; rubber dots; small discs and cones; rebounders; rings; GPS Pods and personal equipment that is not shared between players. Mannequins, poles, bands, weights and ball machines may not be used.Goalkeepers may not spit on their gloves and must clean, disinfect and sanitize their gloves after each training.

Field Zone Examples

Health and safety protocols

During small group sessions, clubs must continue to maintain the health and safety protocols implemented for the voluntary individual workout sessions, including:

Restricting training ground access to essential staff only, with specific staff listed in the plan.Sanitization and disinfection plans for all training equipment and spaces, including disinfection of any equipment used by players (balls, cones, goals) between every session.Completion of a Standard Screening questionnaire by each player prior to every arrival at the training site, and temperature checks upon arrival at the facility.Staggered player and staff arrivals and departures, with designated parking spaces to maintain maximum distance between vehicles.Player use of personal protective equipment from the parking lot to his designated position on the field, and again on return to the parking lot.Staff use of the appropriate personal protective equipment throughout training, while also maintaining a minimum distance of 10 feet from players at all times.Hand washing and disinfectant stations for required use before and after sessions.An Emergency Action Plan for all COVID-19 related issues.

WATCH: Luis Robles has strong words about the Reyes-Dwyer incidentJuly 9, 2020 (1 min)Doyle: How Miami righted the ship, then came undoneJuly 9, 2020 (2 min)

Thailand Detains Bahraini Soccer Player Until April – Time

Soccer player Hakeem Al-Araibi on Monday contested Thailand’s effort to satisfy Bahrain’s extradition request, saying he fears persecution if he’s sent back.

Al-Araibi, who has refugee status in Australia and plays for a Melbourne-based team, was detained in Bangkok during his honeymoon on an Interpol notice that was later invalidated. He walked into the Criminal Court in the capital in bare feet with shackles around his ankles, escorted by Thai security officials.

Al-Araibi, a critic of the Bahraini government, is due to appear in court again on April 22.

International rights groups have regularly criticized Bahrain’s human rights record. The island kingdom, a staunch ally of Saudi Arabia, has intensified its clampdown on political dissent since the 2011 Arab Spring.

Global criticism of the Thai military government’s handling of Al-Araibi’s predicament is intensifying, with Amnesty International on Monday calling for the extradition case to be thrown out.

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My Husband and I Knew the Dangers of the Coronavirus. How Could We Still Put Our Neighbor at Risk?


People Are Really Getting Into the Salt and Pepper Shakers Mystery of Our Time

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Rodrigo Duterte- Extrajudicial Killings Are My Only Sin – Time

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has acknowledged for the first time that extrajudicial killings occurred on his watch, a concession that could buttress two criminal complaints filed against him at the International Criminal Court.

In what was described as a rambling speech to government officials outside the presidential palace Thursday, Duterte conceded that his “only sin is the extrajudicial killings, according to the New York Times. He did not elaborate on his meaning.

Although he has claimed to have personally killed at least three people in the past, Duterte has long denied responsibility for extrajudicial killings that occurred as part of his administration’s brutal war on drugs. Officials claim that casualties of the drug war died as a result of resisting arrest.

The president’s latest remarks — during which he also invited the military to oust him should they feel he is not doing a good job — followed a drop in approval ratings amid high inflation and the rising cost of basic goods. Domestic surveys show his drug war continues to enjoy popular support.

Read more: Duterte is Assassinating Opponents Under the Cover of the Drug War, Philippine Rights Groups Say

Agnes Callamard, the U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, called the admission an “extraordinary statement” among many heard this week as the General Assembly has convened to discuss some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Philippine police say they have killed more than 4,800 people in anti-drug operations since July 1, 2016, when Duterte took office. But human rights groups claim the death toll exceeds 12,000. Citing the number of deaths police classify as “under investigation,” opposition senator Antonio Trillanes IV — who was arrested this week on Duterte’s order — alleges that almost 30,000 people have been killed.

Read more: The Senate Standoff: How Duterte’s Attempt to Arrest Another Critic Is Testing Philippine Democracy

The Hague-based court prosecutes cases of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes when a state’s own legal system is either unwilling or unable to do so. In February this year, chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda launched a preliminary examination into alleged crimes committed in the context of Duterte’s war on drugs.

The following month, Duterte announced that the Philippines would withdraw from the Rome Statute, the treaty that established the ICC.

Neri Colmenares, a human rights lawyer who helped relatives of eight people killed in the drug war file cases with the ICC last month, tells TIME that Duterte’s latest remarks could “be used against him as evidence.”

“We’re glad he made that admission in another of his unguarded moments,” Colmenares said.

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With No End in Sight to the Coronavirus, Some Teachers Are Retiring Rather Than Going Back to School


People Are Really Getting Into the Salt and Pepper Shakers Mystery of Our Time


My Husband and I Knew the Dangers of the Coronavirus. How Could We Still Put Our Neighbor at Risk?

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The Instant Classique- Toronto vs Montreal – Playoff Moments

“It wasn’t just about getting to MLS Cup, it was about being the first Canadian team to do it.”

On November 30, 2016, Toronto FC hosted Montreal Impact for that chance. Montreal had gone up 3-0 in the firstleg of the series, however Toronto managed to claw back 3-2, and give themselves a chance in the second leg at home. The first leg set a high bar for entertainment value, and not only did the secondleg raise that bar, but it will also be remembered as one of the greatest playoff games in MLS history.

Members from both sides of that game, Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley,Greg Vanney, Mauro Bielloand morerevisit their experiences from that special night. A regular message in the Toronto FC locker room was “people remember how you make them feel”. If that is indeed true —players, coachesand fans will never forget that game.

Playoff Moments revisits the most memorable moments in MLS Playoff History, told by the players, coaches, and individuals who shaped them into legends.

MLS PlayoffsSeries:MLS Playoffs

“Everyone wanted to be there”: The epic D.C.-Revs conference finalMay 28, 2020 (12 min)

Trumps Muddled Message on Hong Kong Captures the Problem With His Foreign Policy – Time

On his way to an Aug. 1 campaign event in Ohio, President Donald Trump was asked about America’s position on the months-long pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. That’s between Hong Kong and that’s between China, because Hong Kong is a part of China, Trump said. But as tensions mounted in the self-governing enclave in the following weeks, Trump’s aides and allies took different positions, with his State Department, National Security Advisor, and supporters in the Senate backing the protesters and warning Beijing against intervention.

The mixed messages left U.S. and foreign officials struggling with basic questions about American policy, such as to what extent the U.S. considers Hong Kong autonomous and how Washington might respond to the use of force to quell the demonstrations. More broadly, the confusion captures an enduring challenge of the Trump presidency: it’s almost impossible to discern America’s approach to key foreign issues, from trade to humanitarian crises to military deployments, because the process for setting and enforcing policy is ignored or irrelevant.

In interviews with TIME, more than a dozen current and former U.S. officials in the White House, the State and Defense Departments, and the intelligence community said the lack of clarity on Hong Kong reflects a muddled approach not just to that crisis but to policy­making across the national-security bureaucracy. And while some have found Trump’s unpredictability refreshing, it has left America’s closest allies wondering whether the U.S. will honor treaties, re-evaluating their relations with adversaries like Russia and China, and planning for what a second Trump term might bring.

The President’s penchant for ad hoc policy­making has spread across government, these officials say. National Security Advisor John Bolton has dispensed with most of the inter­agency meetings that have allowed top officials in previous Republican and Democratic Administrations to present and debate the risks and benefits of different policy options, according to four current and former National Security Council officials.

As a result, said two of the officials, there is less—and sometimes no—coordination among Cabinet departments. Some policies are decided without input from diplomatic, political or military experts. Bolton’s top aides have called counterparts to ask if they know what was discussed or decided in certain meetings, only to be told, We don’t know either, according to one Administration official. A National Security Council official declined to comment on the record.

The top-down pattern also has been adopted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, State Department officials say. Pompeo meets with some top political appointees only every other week, according to two current and one former Department officials. When Colin Powell was Secretary of State during President George W. Bush’s first term, he met with his under and assistant secretaries every morning, those officials said.

In a July 25 closed-door meeting with the Business Council for International Understanding, according to two people in attendance, Under Secretary of State for Management Brian Bulatao, a West Point classmate of Pompeo’s, said that because Pompeo was away from the building 80% of the time, he was streamlining the management of the department by slashing the number of officials who report to him. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, Bulatao said, was taking responsibility for finance; public diplomacy and public affairs; and civilian security, democracy and human rights. That means only about half the department has regular access to the secretary, said one of the attendees, a former department official. That has left some officials in the dark about what issues are at the top of Pompeo’s agenda at any given time and what other parts of the department are doing.

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The lack of orderly policy processes across government is what has led to the confusion on Hong Kong, insiders say. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told CNBC on Aug. 14 that the dispute is an internal matter. The same day, Pompeo’s State Department said it was deeply concerned by reports that China’s People’s Armed Police were mobilizing in nearby Shenzhen. We condemn violence and urge all sides to exercise restraint, but remain staunch in our support for freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly in Hong Kong, the statement said.

Bolton also took a harder line than Ross, warning the Chinese in an Aug. 15 interview that they have to look very carefully at the steps they take because people in America remember Tiananmen Square—a reference to the 1989 demonstrations that were brutally crushed. We urge all sides to remain calm and for the HK government to peacefully address the situation. The United States expects that Beijing will uphold its commitments in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, a senior Administration official said in an email to TIME Aug. 19. Preserving HK’s autonomy as agreed to by China is in everyone’s best interest.

It was as close as the Trump team has come to embracing America’s longstanding position on Hong Kong. But it was just one voice among many in the unpredictable Trump administration this summer.

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With No End in Sight to the Coronavirus, Some Teachers Are Retiring Rather Than Going Back to School


Historys Lesson About Coronavirus Lockdown Loneliness

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Roman Catholic Priests Will Not Break Confession to Report Child Abuse – Time

The Roman Catholic Church says it would reject any recommendation from a U.K. inquiry that would require priests to break confession to report child sexual abuse.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, told the Independent Inquiry into Sexual Abuse in the U.K. on Thursday that he views confession as “a nexus between my sinful humanity and the mercy of God.”

“The history of the Catholic Church has a number of people who have been put to death in [defense] of the seal of the confession. It might come to that,” he said.

The public inquiry was set up following serious concerns that institutions in the country—including churches—had failed to protect children from sexual abuse, and continue to do so. The inquiry, which covers England and Wales, is expected to make recommendations in 2020.

Over the past 30 years, the Roman Catholic Church has been rocked by a series of sex abuse scandals worldwide. News reports, lawsuits and other inquiries have revealed that allegations about priests molesting children were often covered up by Church officials, and priests were moved to other areas.

When asked by Brian Altman, the lead lawyer on the inquiry, how the Catholic Church would respond to a recommendation of breaking the seal of confession in cases where abusers have admitted child abuse, Nichols said: “It would not be well received. It would be rejected,” he said.

This comes after the Australian Catholic Church opposed the Australian Royal Commission’s recommendation of breaking the seal of confession in 2018.

Nichols admitted that there is a tension between the child’s best interest and the confidentiality of a disclosure made in confession.

He added: “It would also, of course, put every priest in this country in a position of great liability, because a priest would not be able to defend himself is somebody went forward and said, ‘I told Father X that I’m an abuser.’ Anybody could do that and no priest could defend himself. Therefore, I hope you consider very carefully this matter.”

Addressing the panel, Nichols said: “I repeat… my sorrow and dismay and apology, unreserved apology, to those who have suffered the horror of child abuse within the context of the Catholic Church and those who have subsequently been treated badly by us.”

In June 2019, the Catholic Church in Birmingham, U.K. was embroiled in scandal after the sex abuse inquiry found that the Archdiocese of Birmingham had protected priests accused of abuse by “repeatedly” failing to alert police to allegations. The inquiry examined 134 allegations of child sexual abuse made against 78 individuals—many of whom are no longer—since the mid 1930s. Thirteen individuals were convicted.

The Roman Catholic Church in Australia sparked controversy in August this year as Cardinal George Pell was allowed to retain his title in the Church. This is despite him being found guilty of molesting two 13-year-old choir boys in the 1990s.

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My Husband and I Knew the Dangers of the Coronavirus. How Could We Still Put Our Neighbor at Risk?


With No End in Sight to the Coronavirus, Some Teachers Are Retiring Rather Than Going Back to School


Historys Lesson About Coronavirus Lockdown Loneliness

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China and the Slow Strangulation of Myanmar’s Ethnic Kachin – Time

On Monday, a U.N. Fact-Finding Mission called for top Myanmar military officials to be prosecuted for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Their 18-month long investigation focused not only on the plight of the Muslim Rohingya, but also on the brutal wars in northern Myanmar.

Since 2011, armed conflict between the Myanmar military and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) — one of the country’s many ethnic armed groups — has driven more than 100,000 civilians from their homes in Kachin State, with many fleeing toward the China border. Like the Rohingya, the predominantly Christian ethnic-Kachin are fleeing killings, torture, rapes and other violations by the Myanmar military. But there is an unseen strategy in the military’s war against the Kachin: the slow strangulation of aid to tens of thousands of civilians fleeing conflict.

For the last five years, my colleagues and I at Fortify Rights documented how Myanmar authorities have willfully frustrated aid groups’ efforts to access conflict-affected areas. People are surviving, but barely. Seven years into the conflict, and civilians still lack adequate access to food, healthcare, shelter and sanitation.

And if the Myanmar and Chinese governments have their way, things are slated to get much worse.

On May 21, the Myanmar military threatened to prosecute one of the country’s largest providers of humanitarian aid for delivering life-saving materials to a community in an area controlled by the KIA. If convicted, representatives of the Kachin Baptist Convention could face up to three years in prison. But the military’s attempts to choke off humanitarian aid to these communities are nothing new.

Since 2011, Myanmar authorities have denied the U.N. and aid groups unfettered access to displaced people living in areas under control of the KIA. Authorities will occasionally allow aid groups access to displaced communities in places tightly controlled by the military but effectively deny them access to civilians in conflict-affected areas. Given that much of Kachin State is a war zone right now, this is a problem.

Read more: Inside the Kachin War Against Burma

But the Myanmar military isn’t doing this by themselves. China also plays a role. A new 68-page report we released this week reveals that Beijing privately communicated to the Government of Myanmar and non-state ethnic armies that they did not want any U.N. or international aid groups near their shared border with Kachin State. To be clear, this is a foreign government instructing Naypyidaw to deny aid groups access to internally displaced Myanmar nationals.

Myanmar authorities were apparently all too willing to comply.

Moreover, aid groups crossing the border into China to evade restrictions in Myanmar are unable to operate officially and are forced to take enormous personal risks to do their work. Authorities in China harass groups they suspect of providing support to displaced communities, in some cases arresting them. Aid workers told us that when it comes to denying civilians’ access to assistance, the Chinese and Myanmar authorities are of one mind.

Ethnic Kachin children at their school at the Nhkawng Pa Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camp in Moe Mauk township, near Laiza, Myanmar on Sept. 19, 2012.

Soe Than Win—AFP/Getty Images

Numerous instances of Chinese authorities pushing refugees fleeing the Myanmar military’s wrath back into Kachin State’s conflict zones suggest they’re right.

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Couple these restrictions on aid groups on both sides of the Myanmar-China border with diminishing funding for aid from the international community, and there are more than 100,000 men, women, and children ripe for exploitation. The nexus between the conflict in Kachin State and the trafficking of Kachin women and girls to China has been well documented by the Kachin Women’s Association of Thailand (KWAT) and others, and the problem continues.

Read more: Thousands Continue to Flee Fighting in Myanmar’s Kachin

Nevertheless, Kachin civil society has been engaged on all fronts, from aid to advocacy. Earlier this year, more than 30 Kachin groups cited the Myanmar military’s crimes in Kachin State and called for the situation in Myanmar to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The actions of the Government of Myanmar have prompted U.N. Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee to remind the authorities that, Any willful impediment of relief supplies may amount to war crimes under international law.

Despite calls from U.N. officials, world governments and civil society groups to hold the Myanmar military accountable for their crimes in Kachin State and elsewhere, Myanmar’s power-brokers remain largely intransigent, resting with the assurance that their impunity is, in effect, backed by Beijing.

Read more: The Myanmar Army Should Face Charges for Genocide, U.N. Investigators Say

Myanmar’s strategic importance for China can hardly be overstated. The success of Beijing’s US$1 trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — which seeks to boost China’s trade within Asia and beyond through the development of infrastructure projects — rests on its access to the Indian Ocean via Myanmar. This and other multi-billion dollar investments in gas and oil, hydropower, jade, and other minerals have doubtless informed China’s push back on international calls for accountability as details of the Myanmar military’s crimes have made headlines.

But China’s protection for Myanmar is not a foregone conclusion, particularly within the U.N. Security Council. U.N. member states can and should employ unprecedented leverage to ensure Myanmar is referred to the ICC. The likelihood of China voting for such a referral is remote, but China getting out of the way and letting justice take its course is certainly possible.

It is long past time for the world to stand up and show the Government of Myanmar that the days of impunity for their crimes are over.

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Prince William and Prince Harry Set to Split Household – Time

Following an October report that Prince William and Prince Harry were considering setting up separate courts, Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly agreed to the creation of a new royal household for Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

In a move that has reportedly been in the works since before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, it looks like William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Harry and Meghan will begin operating under two different offices — rather than the one they have shared since 2009 — this spring, People reports.

It’s unclear whether the separation will take place before or after the birth of Harry and Meghan’s first royal baby.

This long-planned move will ensure that permanent support arrangements for The Duke and Duchess’s work are in place as they start their family and move to their official residence at Frogmore Cottage, People reported, quoting a palace statement.

According to the Sunday Times, the brothers are setting up separate courts in order to reflect their “increasingly different responsibilities.” But the news comes amid reports of tension between the two couples. In December, Kensington Palace issued a rare statement denying a report of an alleged clash between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton before Markle’s royal wedding took place in May. “This never happened,” a royal spokesperson told The Sun.

The palace previously confirmed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are relocating from Nottingham Cottage at Kensington, where Prince William and Kate Middleton live, to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate.

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With No End in Sight to the Coronavirus, Some Teachers Are Retiring Rather Than Going Back to School


My Husband and I Knew the Dangers of the Coronavirus. How Could We Still Put Our Neighbor at Risk?


People Are Really Getting Into the Salt and Pepper Shakers Mystery of Our Time

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Les clubs de Major League Soccer vont reprendre les entraînements collectifs

NEW YORK (4 juin 2020) – La Major League Soccer a levé aujourd’hui le moratoire sur les entra?nements collectifs. Chaque club de MLS peut désormais fournir un plan qui lui est propre afin de reprendre les entra?nements collectifs.

Le plan de chaque club doit être révisé et approuvé par le personnel médical du club et par des experts locaux en maladies infectieuses avant d’être soumis à la MLS, qui l’examinera à son tour.

Les entra?nements collectifs seront obligatoires pour tous les joueurs, les équipes franchissant une étape supplémentaire les rapprochant de la reprise des matchs.

Afin de d’assurer un environnement s?r aux joueurs et à l’encadrement, les plans propres à chaque club doivent demeurer en conformité avec les politiques émises par les autorités locales de santé publique et gouvernementales et se conformer aux protocoles de santé et de sécurité détaillés qui ont été développés en concertation avec des experts médicaux et des experts en maladies infectieuses, dont:


Les joueurs doivent passer un examen médical, et chaque joueur et chaque membre du personnel doit passer deux tests d’amplification en cha?ne par polymérase (ACP, PCR en anglais) à 24 heures d’écart, 72 heures avant le début de l’entra?nement, et subir un test de base d’anticorps (dit sérologique).Les joueurs recevront, de leur personnel médical, l’autorisation de s’entra?ner seulement après avoir passé avec succès l’examen médical intermédiaire, avoir eu un résultat négatif à deux tests ACP, et avoir passé le test sérologique.Les joueurs, les entra?neurs et certains membres de l’encadrement devront passer des tests ACP (PCR) un jour sur deux, et seuls ceux ayant un résultat négatif seront autorisés à se rendre à l’entra?nement.Les tests sérologiques seront effectués une fois tous les trois mois.Les fournisseurs réalisant les tests dans chaque club doivent être approuvés par la FDA et par Santé Canada. Le délai pour obtenir le résultat des tests ne doit pas excéder 24 heures.Si un joueur ou un membre du personnel est testé positif, cet individu sera isolé. L’individu isolé sera à nouveau testé au moins 24 heures plus tard pour confirmer que le résultat n’était pas un faux positif. Tous les gens ayant été en contact étroit avec lui seront testés immédiatement. Une recherche de contacts sera effectuée selon les instructions des autorités locales et du groupe opérationnel du club en charge de la Covid-19.Un joueur ou un membre de l’encadrement dont le test de Covid-19 est positif ne peut retourner à l’entra?nement qu’après avoir obtenu l’autorisation du responsable médical de son club en consultation avec l’équipe médicale de la ligue.Aucun joueur ou membre du personnel considéré comme faisant partie d’un groupe à haut risque de maladie grave liée à la Covid-19 ne sera admis aux entra?nements collectifs, à moins de recevoir une autorisation du responsable médical du club.Installations et utilisation du matériel:

Les clubs auront l’intégralité de leurs installations d’entra?nement à leur disposition.Des points d’entrée spécifiques devraient rester ouverts afin d’éviter les contacts répétés avec les barres et poignées de porte.Les salles d’entra?nement, de sport et de mise en forme ne pourront pas accueillir plus de cinq personnes à la fois et les normes de distanciation physique y resteront en vigueur.Les clubs devraient utiliser plusieurs vestiaires et assigner les mêmes joueurs au même vestiaire lors de chaque séance d’entra?nement. Au sein du vestiaire, les casiers des joueurs devraient être distants les uns des autres d’au moins 3 mètres.Les salles d’entra?nement, les salles de sport et les zones de mise en forme, ainsi que les vestiaires, les cabines et les douches doivent être nettoyés, assainis et désinfectés après chaque séance conformément aux protocoles de la MLS.L’ensemble du matériel et du linge doit être nettoyé et désinfecté après chaque utilisation, conformément au protocole de la MLS et au protocole de l’EPA (Agence américaine de protection de l’environnement).Les clubs doivent fournir des gourdes individuelles aux joueurs en tout temps. Les gourdes et autres approvisionnements en eau utilisés de fa?on collective sont strictement interdits.Seuls des repas individuels préemballés et des couverts emballés individuellement peuvent être fournis aux joueurs et au personnel. Les joueurs et les membres du personnel doivent rester à au moins 3 mètres les uns des autres pendant qu’ils mangent.Processus visant à garantir la sécurité des joueurs et du personnel:

Les plans propres à chaque club doivent comprendre un plan d’action d’urgence pour tous les problèmes afférents à la Covid-19.L’accès à l’entra?nement est réservé au personnel essentiel, dont la liste doit figurer dans le plan fourni par le club.Faire répondre chaque joueur à un questionnaire de dépistage standardisé avant chaque arrivée au lieu d’entra?nement, et prendre sa température au moment de l’arrivée dans les installations.La répartition dans le temps des départs et des arrivées des joueurs et du personnel, avec des places de stationnement désignées permettant de maintenir la plus grande distance possible entre les véhicules.L’utilisation par les joueurs d’un équipement de protection individuel entre l’aire de stationnement et l’emplacement qui lui est attribué sur le terrain ou dans la salle de sport. Les joueurs devraient garder leur masque sur leur visage lorsqu’ils sont dans la salle d’entra?nement.L’utilisation par le personnel d’un équipement de protection individuel approprié en tout temps, y compris tout au long de l’entra?nement.Des postes pour le lavage de mains et la désinfection obligatoires avant et après chaque séance d’entra?nement.La MLS continuera d’évaluer le moratoire sur les entra?nements collectifs des équipes de jeunes des clubs de MLS.

Topics:Media Resources: Fran?ais

WATCH: Luis Robles has strong words about the Reyes-Dwyer incidentJuly 9, 2020 (1 min)Doyle: How Miami righted the ship, then came undoneJuly 9, 2020 (2 min)

Tropical Storm Karen Memes- Internet Says the Storm Wants to Speak to the Manager – Time

Tropical Storm Karen, which is moving through the Southern Windward islands and could hit Puerto Rico early next week, has inspired the internet to make memes poking fun of the storm’s name. #Karen was trending on Sunday afternoon on Twitter.

Karen has become synonymous with the persona of an annoying entitled, woman, according to the internet’s meme database, KnowYourMeme, which says the meme may have first come about because of its association with Mean Girls’ ditzy, popular high school character Karen Smith.

The Karen meme is also associated with a side-swept haircut that is short in the back and longer in the front and mocked as representative of middle-aged women obsessed with complaining to store managers, KnowYourMeme says.

Haircut and manager memes are making the rounds on Twitter as Tropical Storm Karen dumps rain on the southern Windward Islands. One meme shows this haircut sitting atop of the storm’s forecast cone. Another refers to the cone as a visual representation of the rising anger of everyone in line behind Karen as she argues with the manager because her coupons are not working.

It’s still important to know that this is a potentially life-threatening storm. A tropical storm warning, indicating that tropical storm conditions are expected within the next 12 hours, is already in effect for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada and its dependencies, according to the National Hurricane Center.

A tropical storm watch, indicating that tropical storm conditions are expected generally within 48 hours, is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

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Orlando City SC sign Uruguayan midfielder Mauricio Pereyra


UPDATE: MONDAY, 3:30 PM –Orlando City SC officially announced the signing of Pereyrathrough the 2020 season on Tuesday afternoon. Pereyra joins City as a Designated Player on a free transferafter his contract expired with FC Krasnodar, pending an International Transfer Certificate and P1 Visa. Pereyra will occupy an international roster spot.

“As a Club we are always looking to strengthen our roster and Mauricio fits the mold of what we look for in a new 清远桑拿好地方acquisition. We have important matches on the horizon both in league play and U.S. Open Cup competition, and we feel Mauricio will make an impact for us as we close out the 2019 campaig中山休闲论坛n,” Orlando City SC EVP of soccer operations Luiz Muzzi said in a statement. “The move also makes sense when you look at the roster flexibility and player designations for 2020.”


MONDAY, 11:30 AM:The Orlando City midfield could soon receive a boost, according to a report from Uruguayan journalist Martin Charquero.

He reportsthat 29-year-old attacking midfielder Mauricio Pereyra is close to signing with the Lions, who are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference standings. Orlando, despite adding Nani this past offseason, has just 30 goals through 26 games.

Pereyra, a free agent,most recently played in Russia for FC Krasnodar, where he appearedin 201 games and recorded29 goals and 33 assists across all competitions. He has also featured for Club Nacional in his native Uruguay, as well as Club Atletico Lanus in Argentina. Pereyra has never been capped by the Uruguay senior national team, though hefeatured extensively for their youth teams.

Orlando currently have one open Designated Player slot open, with Paraguayan winger Josue Colman loaned back to Cerro Porteno, the club he originally signed from. Colman, 21, could be recalled in either 2020 transfer window.

Nani and striker Dom Dwyer occupy the other DP slots.

Series:Transfer TrackerTransfer Tracker Status:Signing







DC United vs. Columbus Crew SC – 2018 Knockout Round Preview

D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew SCAudi 2018 MLS Cup Playoffs — Knockout RoundAudi Field — Washington, D.C.November 1 — 8 pm ETWATCH: FS1, UniMás, TVAS, TSN

Unbeaten in their last 10 games of the regular season, a confident D.C. United side return to Audi Field for the eighth time in their last nine games to host Columbus Crew SC in theAudi 2018 MLS Cup Playoffs Knockout Round on Thursday night.

D.C. United sealed home-field advantage for the Knockout Round and earned the No. 4 seed in the East with a 0-0 draw against the Chicago Fire, coupled with the Philadelphia Union falling to New York City FC, 3-1, on 2018MLS Decision Day presented by AT&T.

Crew SC, meanwhile, needed a 3-2 win over Minnesota United FC on at MAPFRE Stadium to clinch a playoff berth, jumping ahead of the Union into fifth place.

The teams split two regular-season meetings this season, each holding serve at home with Crew SC winning 3-1 at MAPFRE Stadium on March 24 with Ricardo Clark and Pedro Santos scoring two minutes apart just before halftime after Yamil Asad canceled out Milton Valenzuela’s opening strike.

Three weeks later, D.C. United prevailed 1-0 in a match played at Navy-Marines Corps Memorial Stadium. Ulises Segura scored the lone goal — his first in MLS — in just the first minute and D.C. played almost 40 minutes down a man after Paul Arriola was sent off after Video Review.

This is the fou江门犬马之家rth all-time playoff meeting between the MLS originals with D.C. United winning the first three, capturing 6-of-the-8 matches played. It is the first postseason encounter since the 1999 Eastern Conference Championship series. D.C. went on to beat the LA Galaxy to capture a third MLS Cup in the league’s first four years.

Doyle: Scouting the 8 Knockout Round teamsWho can beat RBNY in the East? ETR breaks it downNo days off: 4 players who played every minuteBaer: Your early Knockout Round previewHow have home teams fared in Knockout Round?Warshaw: Decision Day winners and losersMensah, Crew SC aim to frustrate LuchoRooThe Top 5 Knockout Round games of all-timeCrew SC to relish underdog role vs. red-hot D.C.Hats off for Zardes to cap off career year

D.C. United

It was mission accomplished for D.C. United, which wanted to host a Knockout Round game and got the necessary result in a 0-0 draw in Chicago on Sunday.

There were few scoring chances on a rainy, blustery afternoon at Toyota Park, which suited D.C. just fine, knowing a road draw meant a return to Audi Field, where they are 12-2-1 since it opened on July 14. United also extended an unbeaten streak to 10 games dating back to a 2-0 loss at home to the Philadelphia Union.

“I am very happy to be associated with this team,” said head coach Ben Olsen. “They are a gutsy group who have been able to win in a variety of ways over the last couple of months. The group understands that it doesn’t mean much right now. The fun part 珠海夜场介绍begins with a Knockout game at home in front of our fans. It’s a great opportunity and we don’t want to squander that. We want to keep playing as long as we can.”

Suspended: NoneSuspended after next caution: NoneInternational duty: NoneInjury Report: OUT: D – Taylor Kemp (labrum surgery), GK – David Ousted (elbow surgery), D – Chris Odoi-Atsem (Hodgkin’s lymphoma), D – Vytas (hip injury), D – Oniel Fisher (knee surgery), D – Kofi Opara (hip injury)Projected Starting XI(4-2-3-1, right to left)GK: Bill Hamid — Paul Arriola, Frederic Brillant, Steve Birnbaum, Joseph Mora — Russell Canouse, Junior Moreno — Ulises Segura, Luciano Acosta, Yamil Asad — Wayne Rooney

Notes: Since the day of Wayne Rooney’s debut, he and teammate Luciano Acosta each have nine goals from the field of play;only two players have more. … Since the start of September, no team has more wins (7), goals (21) or points (24) in league play than D.C. United. They are also the only MLS club without a loss in that time.

Columbus Crew SC

It was a nervy few hours, but Columbus rebounded from back-to-back losses to defeat the Loons and book their playoff ticket on the final day of the regular season.

Gyasi Zardes put on his Superman cape, scoring the first of his three goals in the 11th minute before doubling the lead 4 minutes after halftime. Francisco Calvo responded with a brace of his own to level the score in the 77th minute, but Zardes completed his hat trick 6 minutes later to seal the win with his 19th goal of the season.

“This was a challenging year. I am really proud of the guys for staying focused and battling through adversity,” said head coach Gregg Berhalter. “It wasn’t the easiest scenario that we had to deal with and the guys hung in there. They focused on themselves and they focused on growing together as a unit and as a team. It is nice to compete now in the playoffs and our focus is now on going to D.C. (United) and playing a really good game.”

Suspended: NoneSuspended after next caution: NoneInternational duty: NoneInjury Report: OUT: M – Mike Grella (left knee meniscectomy)Projected Starting XI(4-2-3-1, right to left)GK: Zack Steffen — Harrison Afful, Jonathan Mensah, Gaston Sauro, Milton Valenzuela — Wil Trapp, Artur — Niko Hansen, Federico Higuain, Justin Meram — Gyasi Zardes

Notes: Zardes’ hat trick was the first scored by a Crew SC player since Justin Meram on May 13, 2017;Zardes is the eighth Columbus player to record a hat trick in franchise history. … The Crew won just three of their league road games in 2018 (9L-5D), their second-fewest road wins in a MLS season since 2010. They scored a total of 11 goals in those games.

All-Time Series (Regular Season)

Overall: D.C. United 28 wins, 91 goals … Columbus Crew SC 28 wins, 100 goals … 11 drawsAt D.C.: D.C. United 21 wins, 64 goals … Crew SC 10 wins, 45 goals … 4 drawsLast meeting at D.C.: D.C. United 1, Columbus Crew SC 0 (April 14, 2018)


Referee: Allen ChapmanAssistant Referees: Jeremy Hanson, Brian PoeschelFourth Official: Silviu PetrescuVAR: Edvin Jurisevic

Talibans Mullah Omar Has Died Says President Ashraf Ghani – Time

Two weeks after a message purportedly from the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar appeared on a website linked to the militant group, the Afghanistan government on Wednesday revealed he had in fact died years ago.

Pres清远蒲典网ident Ashraf Ghani announced that his government had enough “credible information” to confirm that Omar had died in Pakistan in April 2013. A spokesman for Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security earlier told the Associated Press that Omar, who had a $10m U.S. State Department bounty on his head, had died in a Karachi hospital.

Mullah Omar’s death had been reported several times in the past, with the whereabouts of the reclusive one-深圳足疗按摩技师招聘eyed leader shrouded in mystery ever since he disappeared from public view in the aftermath of the U.S.-led airstrikes on Afghanistan in late 2001.

The Afghan government used news of his death to call on the Taliban to sue for peace in negotiations due to go ahead later this week. “The government of Afghanistan believes that grounds for the Afghan peace talks are more paved now than before, and thus calls on all armed opposition groups to seize the opportunity and join the peace process,” it said, in a statement.

Earlier in July, a message in Omar’s name, issued ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, appeared to signal his approval for peace talks in Pakistan between the insurgents and Afghanistan’s government. There was no video or audio with the message, the authenticity of which, like other communications linked to the fugitive Taliban leader in recent years, remained uncertain.

Another message in April—a lengthy biography of Omar running to 5,000 words—claimed he was in touch with date-to-day happenings of his country, as well as the outside world.